Currer Bell Residency #4 – Fleur Leclère

Fleur Leclère, former student of ESADHaR Le Havre Rouen, started her residency in Saint-Nazaire earlier this year. It resulted in two specific projects dedicated to plants, one around the gorse and the other around blackberry. Find two texts by herself and Jean-Louis Vincendeau of Currer Bell College as well as images of the work realized and shown in Saint-Nazaire. Since the spring I have been looking forward to making summer dyes from primrose, blackberry, elderberry and other wild berries. I am attracted to the shades of colour they can produce. From my… Read More

Currer Bell Residency #5 – Agathe Schneider

Agathe Schneider, former student at ESADHaR Le Havre-Rouen, started her Currer Bell Residency in Saint-Nazaire this summer. Agathe Schneider’s sensitivity to nature leads her to question the living, which she modulates, transforms and recomposes, thus questioning the links that exist between the human and his/her environment. Schneider’s concerns revolve around our ways of living on a territory. How we build it, appropriate it, inhabit it, abandon it. Conservation practices, geology and archaeology inspire her and feed the forms she invests in.She tries to highlight the elusive action of time on matter through… Read More

Le film sans fin

The wonderful ‘Le film sans fin‘ or ‘The film without end‘ by Ollivier Moreels and Jean-Louis Vincendeau is build on the never-ending and always inspiring theme of the encounter, in the region of Saint-Nazaire. The project has now its own facebook page on which you can follow its development. In their statement on the film Moreels and Vincendeau explain: The film without end plays with professional and amateur artists, actors and poets in our Loire territory, which offers us amazing filming locations and grounds for exploration. It is written in pairs or… Read More

Season Greetings and Happy New Year

This year was a bit of a bumpy ride, but Bureau Doove has nevertheless landed on its feet. To celebrate this I am sending you an image of a Liseron, a flower commonly found around here, which I photographed earlier this summer. It is quite symbolic as Prince Charles Eduard Stuart of England or Bonnie (1720-88) visited Saint-Nazaire in 1745 to prepare the war for England and collected some seeds of the Liseron de mer or Sea Bindweed which is since then also called Prince Charlie’s Rose. He apparently sowed the seeds on the… Read More

Residency #1 – Mike Blow

Mike Blow is on his way back to Leicester after a short first node of his residency in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire. We explored opportunites to bring his work over and initiated some potential collaborations. You can follow the report and further developments on the residencies’ dedicated page here. Mike Blow at Garage Wattignies, Nantes, 2018

Rentrée – Return

For this year’s ‘Rentrée’ – or return to usual business, Bureau Doove starts in new premises and with an updated look. The desk is still ‘chaotic’ – full of projects, but now also has a view and is definitely based in Saint-Nazaire, France. While Bureau Doove is ready to develop new projects, the artists of the Bureau are active as ever: Anne-Marie Maes shows her installation ‘BEE AGENCY’ in the group exhibition ECO-VISIONARIES at HeK Basel (Haus der electronischen Künste/House of Electronic Art) HeK is dedicated to digital culture and the new art… Read More

Saint-Nazaire visit

The recent visit to Saint-Nazaire was short but sweet. In the limited time available we visited the beach of Mr. Hulot, Le Grand Cafe for the exhibition ‘Vibrating Things’ by Marcus Avila Forero and Le Lieu Unique for their Midiminuitpoesie Festival. We worked however mainly on our European funding application about which we hope to tell you more soon! In the meantime find some photos of our visit. Thanks to Dom Leroy and Marina Pirot for the wonderful time!

Residencies in Saint-Nazaire

After three years of quiet development Bureau Doove is ready for a new adventure for which we have our eyes on Saint-Nazaire, France.With some professional contacts already in place Bureau Doove intends to connect to this exciting place that is full of potential, close to Nantes with its own vivid art scene with places like Lieu Unique, Hangar à Bananes Galerie and Voyage à Nantes. Here we want to create new opportunities for artists and scientists by developing a micro residency and international exchange program in homely surroundings. As home to Tati’s Mr Hulot, Saint-Nazaire is an important emerging… Read More

Leroy, Maes, Hulsmans and Ara

Some news about the current activities of some BD artists plus an important teaser at the end. Dominique Leroy at La Méridienne, Lunéville Dominique Leroy is showing his poetic sonic installation Jardin nô at Theatre La Méridienne in Lunéville (near Nancy). First shown at the Galerie RDV in Nantes this installation refers to the traditional Japanese theatre. This kinetic garden is composed of interlacing vegetals and small mechanics on recycled hard disks that rub, scratch and hit to create a sound that reminds of insects. This sculpture is activated by a series… Read More