Nicoline van Stapele, 1992

'92 3x 330x120cm

Nicoline van Stapele had a solo exhibition at Parbleu, Antwerp from 23 April to 23 May 1992. The show partly coincided with her solo show at Galery’ VUB and thus we made a combined invite of which the Parbleu part is show below.

The photos show the separate pieces shown in the exhibition as well as their designs.

Asked to comment on the show, the artist sent me the following statement:

The works shown here are made in black sheets of rubber that are attached to the wall with nails, as you would do with a coat on a rack. As if you would want to get rid of your skin and renew yourself. The works are each made of a repetition of parts from another series of black strips. Everything points to music and dance, light-hearted, while the material is isolating black rubber and doesn’t want to be known.

Nicoline Van Stapele, March 2020

uitnoding NV


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