Affiliated artists

BUREAU DOOVE currently works with and alongside the following artists:
Mike BLOW – Leicester, UK
Sara BOMANS – Hasselt, B
Alexandra DEMENTIEVA – Brussels, B
Hester DOOVE – Amsterdam, NL
DRIFTINGSPACE (Sally HALL and Jason HIRONS) – Plymouth, UK
HANTU (Pascale Weber and Jean Delsaux) – Paris, F
Nathalie HUNTER – OLV Waver, B
Dominique LEROY – Nantes, F
Jimena KATO MURAKAMI – Madrid, ES
Annemarie MAES – Brussel, B
Pierre MERTENS – Schoten, B
Remco ROES – Hasselt, B                                                                                                                Jean-Louis VINCENDEAU, Saint-Nazaire, F
Kristof VRANCKEN – Hasselt, B
Neil WOOD – Paris, F

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