BUREAU DOOVE is organised by Edith Doove. I am a curator, writer and researcher, specifically interested in notions of emergence and contingency, cross and trans-disciplinary collaborations. I started curating in 1987 in Antwerp and worked as a freelance curator and art critic in Belgium until 2010 before coming to Plymouth, UK. I have made various exhibitions in non-commercial exhibitions spaces, public space, museums and commercial galleries. For more information on my exhibitions and writing visit my blog.

Since February 2010 I am a contributing researcher with Transtechnology Research at Plymouth University where I attained my PhD in 2017 – see here for more info.

With BUREAU DOOVE – creative consultancy I continue to develop a unique bespoke way of collaborating, working, with, for and alongside artists and researchers.

Also visit my page on the website of Flanders Arts Institute.

Images: Edith Doove, Communication, Plymouth, 2017; Lee Bul, Ikon Gallery, 2014


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