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Sara Bomans in ‘Stripped’ plus Mike Blow update

SUPPOSING that Truth is a woman—what then?

This is the question Nietzsche asks at the start of his Preface to Beyond Good and Evil (1886). In ‘Stripped’ 18 female artists give an answer with drawings in the ‘first Nietzschean-feminist exhibition in the world’ and Sara Bomans is one of them. In her usual self-critical, humourous way, she reflects on her body while she takes a shower sitting on a tabouret to keep her recently broken leg dry, and discovers it is actually not too bad. In the accompanying text she wonders why it had to take her so long, a broken leg and a weird position to sit in, under a running shower, to realize that her legs are actually quite nice.


You can see a section of the drawing above – the rest can be seen in ‘Stripped’ until 10 December at Het Huis van Betekenis, which is dedicated to the art of drawing, on Lauwerecht 10 in Utrecht (NL), open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 2-5pm.


And safely back home, although sadly without his confiscated Breton salted caramel, Mike Blow gave some nice feedback on his recent residency in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire which you can find here.


Residency #1 – Mike Blow

Mike Blow is on his way back to Leicester after a short first node of his residency in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire. We explored opportunites to bring his work over and initiated some potential collaborations. You can follow the report and further developments on the residencies’ dedicated page here.


Mike Blow at Garage Wattignies, Nantes, 2018

Dominique Leroy – Sediments

Until 7pm this evening.

Submarine basis, Saint-Nazaire

Instants Fertiles #6

Dominique Leroy – Instants Fertiles #6 & Mike Blow – Residence #1

Instants Fertiles


For the Festival Instants Fertiles #6 Dominique Leroy realizes the sound and ‘eco-transduction’ SEDIMENTS in the submarine base in Saint-Nazaire.

SEDIMENTS is an ongoing creative research that takes the form of installations in the landscape, performances, documents, and workshops. The sound installation for the submarine base is made on the basis of data collected by the GIP-Loire-Estuaire (variables and movements of the Loire captured in November 2017).


Partners : DRAC/SCAM/SNhack & n/GIP-Loire Estuaire. With the help of Marina Pirot and Jef Rolez. The Festival is organised by Theatre Athenor.

The installation can be visited on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 November from 10am-7pm at the submarine base, next to the bassin on the right of LIFE, in the alveoles 12A/12B.



Colony_bluedot web

Mike Blow will visit Nantes and Saint-Nazaire on this occassion for the first Bureau Doove micro-residency from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 November. During this time Blow will explore Saint-Nazaire and make sound recordings. We will also work on the collaboration with Wattignies Social Club. The micro-residencies are used to develop and discuss work over time during short periods of time.

Watch this space for a report during the weekend.


Kristof Vrancken in Bucharest


The work that Kristof Vrancken produced last year during a residency at the Emile van Doren Museum in Genk (B) will be shown in the group show ‘Remembering Landscape’ at The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest curated by Sandra Demetrescu, Eva Schmidt, Kai Vöckler.

Other participants are Bogdan Bordeianu, Lucian Bran, Marianna Christofides, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Lukas Einsele, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefán, Cyprien Gaillard, Dani Ghercă, Anne Heinlein & Göran Gnaudschun, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Markus Karstieß, Thomas Kellner, Jan Kempenaers, Aglaia Konrad, Susanne Kriemann, Armin Linke, Ciprian Mureșan, Andreas Mühe, Multiplicity, Alexandra Navratil, Cristian Rusu, Larisa Sitar, Milica Tomić & Sans Souci Collective, Unknown Fields of Division, Danny Veys and Paul Virilio.


©Image credit: Paul Virilio, Bunker Archaeology, b/w photographs, 1958-1965. Courtesy of the artist.

From the announcement:

Landscape is an entity in flux, to be viewed in a cultural perspective, as pictorial and internal architecture of form, and to be understood as a situation in which political and economic histories have left traces behind. Then, the question raised by the exhibition is not “why we require an image of landscape at all?”, but rather “which image of which landscape do we need?”, and “what contribution to it can be made by artistic projects?” When thinking about landscape we tend to conceive of supposedly escapist, dreamy self-forgetfulness, apparently anachronistic notions of home and fatherland, or at the opposite end of the spectrum, to the tourist clichés. But how could a contemporary image of landscape be composed, acknowledging change, thematizing destruction, and simultaneously being capable of asking questions about the preconditions to a positioning?

These basic problems represented the start of the project Remembering Landscape, which shifts the focus towards aesthetic pictorial strategies and links them to aspects of the work of remembering and mourning.

The project was further developed in cooperation with the Center for Cultural Decontamination (Branislav Dimitrijević, Lola Joksimović), MNAC Bucharest (Călin Dan, Sandra Demetrescu), the spaces Sint Lukasgalerie and de Markten in Brussels (Leen Engelen, Jan Cools, Nora De Kempeneer).

MNAC Bucharest
Palace of the Parliament wing E4, Izvor St. 2-4, Bucharest 050563

15.11.2018 – 17.03.2019

More info here

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Sara Bomans’ Mother Book is born!

MoederboekSara Bomans presents her new  ‘Mother Book’ next weekend and combines it with an open studio. Apart from the book you can thus also enjoy all her other work and possibly buy the book and some more such as her postcards.

Visiting times are

Friday 9 November from 7-9pm
Saturday 10 November from 2-6pm
Sunday 11 November from 2-6pm

Mail her at bomanssara[ad]hotmail.com to get the address in Hasselt, Belgium


Hester Doove and Sonic Youth

Jan van Mechelen is celebrating his 25th year as a graphic designer with the Magic Buzz nr. 1 in Rotterdam, an advertising pillar with posters of all the projects he has worked on as well as some upcoming ones. Amongst these the project with my sister Hester Doove on the portraits she made of musicians between 1989 and 2001. One of the portraits is of one of my favourite bands, Sonic Youth.

More news on the book, which is scheduled for 2019, is to follow soon. In the meantime enjoy watching some of these portraits on Hester’s website.

Nathalie Hunter – drawing on walls


The first time when I collaborated with Nathalie Hunter I invited her to contribute to the first Biennial for Visual Art, Fashion and Design in Hasselt – Super! (2005). I had selected her on the basis of her wonderful wall drawings combined with her paintings.

Recently she realised a new series of drawings for the company of Boringen Verheyden in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, the leading company for geometral and water drillings in Flanderen. On her blog she posted some observations around the practice of making wall drawings that are very interesting to share. Her art is constantly fed through a deep feeling for the other and the way we find our place in the world. This is connected to a strong ecological concern.

Sometimes, a few lines can make a huge difference.

I’m not talking about lines shed on a paper, or read in a book, but drawn on a wall.

Yes, on a wall.

I get this remark quite often, when people see me drawing on walls:

Oooh, you’re allowed to draw on walls.. I was always told I couldn’t…

Well you see, sometimes, when you liberate yourself from the rules that were wrapped around you as a child, you grow as a person.

You remove the chains.

You unravel the knots.

You dilute the predjudices.

And little by little you come closer to your true self. To your core.

You trust and start discovering your true mission.

Connect and remove the crap.

So I make these walldrawings after conversations with the inhabitant of the space in which the wall is located. From this talk I extract what is truely important for that being, for that company.

What is their mission?

What change do they want to bring?

So this information gets distilled and drawings emerge from that process.

(…) Follow your path.


One step at the time.

The new wall drawings are thus inspired by an observation of this company and the people that work there. If you are interested in the process or would like to live with one of these beauties yourself than do not hesitate to contact Bureau Doove.

You can see the drawings at Boringen Verheyden, Mechelbaan 5, 2861 Sint-Katelijne-Waver, tel. +32 (0)15 75 59 07, info@boringenverheyden.be

La Table Ronde

Atelier sur l’art moderne et contemporain in Saint-Nazaire.

Vous êtes intéressés par l’art moderne et contemporain, mais vous ne maîtrisez pas le sujet et/ou n’osez pas en discuter ? Vous désirez en savoir plus ?

La Table Ronde vous offre la possibilité d’apprendre sur l’art et de vous exprimer au sein d’un petit groupe dans une ambiance conviviale à l’Office Coffee autour d’une table ronde.

L’atelier est animé par Edith Doove. Chaque semaine elle propose une ou deux œuvres d’art moderne ou contemporain en relation avec des expositions actuelles en France. Après une introduction, nous échangeons ensemble sur l’œuvre.

La Table Ronde reprend une activité qu’Edith Doove exerçait aussi en Belgique où elle a longtemps donné des cours sur l’histoire de l’art (spécifiquement sur Dada, surréalisme et art contemporain) pour plusieurs organisations éducatives, mais a aussi accompagné plusieurs visites sur des expositions en Belgique et ailleurs (Cologne, Londres, New York, Paris, …).

Programme automne 2018 – A suivre

Le programme se base sur des expositions actuelles à Paris dans un mix d’art moderne et contemporain :

Jean Miró [Grand Palais jusqu’au 4 février]

Giacometti [Musee Maillol jusqu’au 20 janvier]

Sophie Calle [Galerie Perrotin jusqu’au 22 décembre]

Franz West [Centre Pompidou jusqu’au 10 décembre]

Tomas Saraceno [Palais de Tokyo jusqu’au 6 janvier]

Ana Mendieta [Jeu de Paume jusqu’au 27 janvier]

Le tarif pour les 6 conversations de 2 heures est de 150€ (règlement par chèque durant la première session). Pour une seule session de 2 heures le tarif est de 70€.
L’atelier est limité à 8 personnes et a lieu à partir de 4 participants. Il n’est pas nécessaire d’avoir une connaissance profonde de l’art. Ouvert à tous. Café, jus d’orange et viennoiseries inclus dans la prestation.


L’atelier a lieu à l’Office Coffee, 21 Avenue du Commandant L’Herminier, 44600 Saint-Nazaire

Pour s’inscrire ou pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter Edith Doove par mail bureaudoove[at]gmail.com

Images pour utilisation équitable


Kristof Vrancken in Seoul and Xiamen

Kristof Vrancken goes East. Next week his work and the Algaetype workshop (Atelier Luma and ENSP) will be presented in Seoul during the exhibition “Nature Created By Design“.

A few days later his mijnKOOL-project and documentary (directed by Diren Agbaba) will be shown in Xiamen (China) together with work of De Onkruidenier, Jessica Segall, Rain Wu, Orla Barry and many others within the framework of the Food Art Film Festival on Tour.

For more information see the posters above.