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Alexandere Dementieva in The Creative Machine


Alexandra Dementieva is showing her installation ‘Breathless‘ in The Creative Machine 2 Exhibition PV in London from 7 November. This exhibition, curated by William Latham, Anna Frants, Elena Gubanova and Frederic Leymarie, explores the twilight world between human and machine creativity.

The exhibition shows works by selected artists linked to Goldsmiths and artists from the CYLAND MediaArtLab based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Developed in association with the Youth Education Center at the Hermitage Museum and The Leonardo Journal, the works shown include Virtual Reality Installations, Sculptures, Computer Art Installations, Video Art Installations and Machine Learning Art.

Artists: Marina Alekseeva, Memo Akten, Laura Dekker, Alexandra Dementieva, Jake Elwes, Anna Frants, Alexey Grachev / Sergey Komarov, Elena Gubanova / Ivan Govorkov, Sergey Katran, Parashkev Nachev, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Annie Tadne, Nye Thompson, William Latham / Stephen Todd / Lance Putnam / Guido Salimbeni / Peter Todd, Andy Lomas and Brigitta Zics.

Open to the public 8-18 November 2018, 10am-6pm

Opening Wednesday 7 November 2018 6-9pm

Hatcham Church Gallery -Goldsmiths, St.James, New Cross Gate
London SE14 6AD

Register for the opening with Eventbrite.

Sara Bomans /Leonardo Reviews


Sara Bomans is mainly known for her cartoonlike observations of daily life. For the exhibition RingRing bij the design collective ‘Het LABO’ in Hasselt, she constructed this dadaesk 3D-version of a cartoon. It has the meaningful titel I was never able to go in so many directions, I never stood still as much (photo by Kristof Vrancken) and its picture seemed a nice way to start of the month of October.

RingRing, with apart from Sara also BD-artists Remco Roes and Kristof Vrancken plus 37 others, still ‘runs’ until 11 November 2018 in Hasselt, Belgium. Find more info (in Dutch) here.

Leonardo Reviews – Ecology without Culture


For those interested in my writing – you can find my latest review for Leonardo Reviews here.

Christine L. Marran tries in Ecology without Culture – Aesthetics for a Toxic World to leave culture outside of ecocriticism and in doing so formulate an answer to Timothy Morton’s Ecology without Nature (2007). Although intriguing and an interesting read she however does not fully succeed in this endeavour, at least not from my point of view.




Wattignies Social Club / Dominique Leroy

We are extremely excited to partner up with Wattignies Social Club/Ilotopia in Nantes with whom we currently work on a new project for 2019. This unique place in the heart of the Isle de Nantes, located in a former garage, is a real hub for developing new ideas around art and society. It has special attention for socially engaged projects and not only works with artists and scientists, but also with the unemployed, migrants, managers that seek sense and committed citizens. Its “deliciously messy” way of working connects very well to our idea of the messy desk that engenders new ideas.

Situé dans un ancien garage automobile, au coeur de l’Île de Nantes, le Wattignies Social Club est un lieu indépendant. Son agencement “délicieusement bordélique” évoque le foisonnement d’idées.

Sur place, on y croise des chercheurs qui viennes débattre desenjeux de société, des artisans; des associations, des chômeurs, des migrants, des chefs d’entreprises en quête de sens, des citoyens engagés.

Brèf, on mixe les activités et les publics pour “faire société”!

(text from the QPN-Festival brochure)

At the moment Wattignies Social Club shows part of the exhibition Des sneakers comme Jay-Z/Sneakers like those of Jay-Z in the context of the Festival de Photographie dedicated to the Invisible. This exhibition, of which the other part is shown at the Chateau des ducs de Bretagne in Nantes, shows a series of portraits by Frédéric Delangle and Ambroise Tézenas of migrants met by volunteers at the migrant center at the Porte de la Chapelle in Paris. Often dependent on second-hand clothing after having left their homes, leaving everything behind, clothing is an important way to hold on to their identity which surpasses their anonymous status as migrant. Seemingly fitting in their stories reveal their choices and itineraries.

The Festival de Photographie and this exhibition run until 14 October 2018

Wattignies Social Club, 13 Boulevard des Martyrs Nantais de la Résistance, Nantes
Thursday – Sunday 2-7pm

Dominique Leroy at la Gaterie, La Roche-sur-Yon

As announced before Dominique Leroy, who will be one of the artists in the project with WSC, currently shows his poetic sound installation Jardin (n)Ô at La Gâterie in La Roche-sur-Yon.

First shown at the Galerie RDV in Nantes this installation refers to the traditional Japanese theatre. This kinetic garden is composed of interlacing vegetals and small mechanics on recycled hard disks that rub, scratch and hit to create a sound that reminds of insects. This sculpture is activated by a series of invisible interactions based on phenomena related to vibrations, acoustics and interconnections.

The installation is accompanied by the series of drawings Cyclo Ranch, made during the residence of his association n at the Gospel Flat Farm in Bolinas, California earlier this summer.

The show runs until 24 November 2018 at La Gâterie17 Place du Marché, 85000 La Roche-sur-Yon

Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday 2-6pm; Wednesday and Saturday also 1-2.30pm

Joy and Vrancken

Bureau Doove is extremely happy to welcome two new artists in its team – the French artist Jérôme Joy and the Belgian artist Kristof Vrancken make art that in its willfulness connects perfectly with the way we work.

Jérôme Joy is a French composer born in Nantes (1961) who has been active on the international experimental music scene (electronic, improvised, instrumental and networked) since the beginning of the eighties. He is the co-founder of Projet Neuf in Saint-Nazaire as well as other on-going and past projects and music ensembles (qwat, snplimcnepup, locus sonus, etc.).He enjoys collaborating with other musicians, artists and filmmakers as he feels that making, experiencing and discovering together is essential in art.

Recently he composed Rouages #3, an electro-acoustic work on a text by and with the voice of Jean-Pierre Suaudeau as part of Rouages with other sound works by Sarah Clénet and Sylvie Noël. These were broadcasted through eight loudspeakers on the site of the Forges de Trignac and commission by Belle Industrielle for the European Heritage. You can find a link to Rouages #3 here.

For NEM EXPERIENCE he realised an installation of 20 electrical guitars in feedback and a performance with other musicians (Sarah Clénet, Bruno Lemaitre, Sylvie Noël; all members of the NEM/ Nouvel Endroit Musical /) at the Salle Jacques Brel in Saint-Nazaire, just before its demolition to celebrate and keep in memory the very special acoustic effect of this huge, 80mx20m room. (In collaboration with Projet Neuf and with an artistic bursary by the Ville de Saint-Nazaire, 2018).

In 2016 Joy exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris with David Ryan in the exhibition Nothing at All. On this occasion he performed for 6 hours with an ad-hoc ensemble he titled Ecco Ecco Ecco Ecco (with Christophe Havard, Joy, Keith Rowe, Anthony Taillard), as part of the Happy Sapiens-season (with Michel Houellebecq, Mika Rottenberg, Marguerite Humeau, David Ryan & Jérôme Joy, Ayoung Kim, Dineo Seshee Bopape).

Upcoming is Aquarius, a film-music performance with Elvira Martinez-Sanchez, at MEAN and the Day of Experimental Film at Saint-Nazaire, November 2018.

We work on a series of Concerts Filmés, with Imediagin’Art (Luc Babin), to be realised in 2018-2019 – see also our post of April 2018 here. Find his artist page here.

Kristof Vrancken (°1982, BE) “explores the forgotten in-between spaces, places that are part of a no man’s land. As a gatherer Vrancken searches subtle remains of human activities, which he captures in his pictures. This reading and interpreting of the landscape results in silent but at the same time intense and astonishing images.”

Especially intriguing is his work in response of the Anthropocene for which he uses the old technique of the Anthotype. This enables him to introduce the landscape he is photographing literally in his photographs by using its vegetation in the photographic emulsion.

Vrancken currently takes part in the group exhibition RING RING! in Hasselt (with fellow BD-artists Sara Bomans and Remco Roes) that runs until 11 November. For this project he created a bike which functions as an hyperobject that has accumulated all the waste people dumped in and around Hasselt in the past months.

His project mijnKOOL can still be visited in Z33 – House for Contemporary Art in Hasselt within the context of the conference Politics of Design: Part 1. In this selection of Anthotype photographs he uses red cabbage (‘rode kool’) for the emulsion and alludes to the former coal (‘kool’) mining industry of Genk in Belgian Limburg.

Upcoming are his presentation of his work with algae at LUMA Arles and in South Korea during the exhibition Nature by Design with the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

We recently translated several texts on his research work and hope to collaborate with him in the context of the project Intermission.

Find his artist page here.

More of/Plus de Bomans, Roes, but also/et aussi Blow

We continue busy September with more exhibitions and performances by Remco Roes and Sara Bomans, but also Mike Blow. And a modest attempt to go bilingual (and often multilingual).

Nous continuons en septembre avec d’autres expositions et performances de Remco Roes et Sara Bomans, mais aussi de Mike Blow. Et dans une tentative modeste de devenir bilingue (et souvent multilingues), en tout cas pour l’instant pour l’introduction et les titres intermediaires.

Roes and/et Bomans in/dans RING RING!

  • Remco Roes, but also Sara Bomans, take part in the group event RING RING! The car-free Sunday 16 September is the starting point for a playful event with 40 installations related to bicycles and cycles organised by the designers collective ‘Het LABO’. They are placed along the so-called Green Boulevard of Hasselt in Belgium.

For Roes this is also the start for his project for smartlab, called ACT VIII. After studying architecture (Eindhoven, NL) and transmedia (Brussels, B),  Roes wrote his PhdD on “Traversing the interior landscape: five dialogues in existential space”. Roes works and thinks in “excercises”, assembling and representing collected objects in installations or staging them within specific spaces.

For ACT VIII he asked the other artists participating in RING RING! to save the bicycle parts they didn’t use and make them available for his ACT VIII: EXC204/R70.  All arranged nicely on the floor of the gallery of smartlab they reach out to find their place into an autonomous configuration, to a choreography on the platform floating on another level in the smartlab space… ACT VIII will continue as a work in progress as long as it RING RINGs.

From 15 October till 11 November at the Green Boulevard of Hasselt and in smartlab

For info in Dutch and English visit RING RING! and smartlab

Mike Blow in/dans Fort Process and/et The Space Centre

  • Mike Blow will show three pieces at Fort Process, a one day sound art and music event on 22 September that utilises the extraordinary resonant spaces of Newhaven Fort.

This third edition of the festival will feature performances, installations, talks, workshops and live art, and is part of an extended season that runs from July to October with events at De La Warr Pavilion, Cafe Oto and Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts.

Blow shows Arpeggi, Aeolus’ Cabinet and the Peace Music Project, an experimental interactive installation that uses hacked ex-military hardware to create music.

For more info in English visit Fort Process

  • On 6 October Blow will take part in the Space Lates, a programme celebrating 50 years since Apollo 7, at the National Space Center in Leicester with an improvised performance using sounds from the Apollo mission.

For more info in English visit Space Lates

Hulsmans, Walker, Bomans, Roes, Leroy

September already turns out to be a busy month with various exhibitions and talks by Bureau Doove-artists:


Peter Hulsmans is presenting new work at after>> in Antwerp under the title ‘2 pages’, opening this Friday 14 September at 6pm and running until 30 September.

Dem Philosoof

Also this Friday, Sara Bomans and Remco Roes will be taking part in the group show Dem Philosoph ist nichts zu doof (For the Philosopher nothing is too crazy) at Atelierhof Kreuzberg in Berlin.

Opening Friday 14 September at 6pm and running until 28 September.

Ghost IId


This Saturday Anna Walker takes part in a panel discussion at The British Library in London as part of ‘London is the Place for Me – A weekend festival of Caribbean literature and liming’.

In We Need to Talk About Windrush: Panel Discussion Anita Sethi, Anna Walker, Stephen Bourne and Gemma Romain explore the impact and the mythologies of the Empire Windrush’s arrival at Tilbury and its legacy as a key moment in migration history, alongside other moments of Caribbean arrival and presence in England that occurred before 1948.

Saturday 15 September 2018

12 noon – 13.30pm

Walker will also present her paper ‘In Search of the Perfect Medium’ during the 2nd day of the conference Creative Image: ways of Seeing, Representing and Reshaping Reality, organised by The Visual Research Network at The University of Manchester:

I am interested in the turn to affect, specifically how the body responds to trauma. Within my practice I make use of an embedded combination of text and mixed media—predominantly photography, moving image and sound. My research starts from the premise that trauma ruptures identity and creates chaos not only in the individual but also in group and societal systems.
Thursday 27 September 2018
11 am – Room HBS 1.69/1.70, University of Manchester
Remco Roes will be taking part in the group show AZIMUTH – between coastline and horizon.
From the press release:
Two artistic research groups, the one from Bilbão, the other from Hasselt, wave to each other from the horizon. They measure the latitudes in images. Their voyage takes them along cemented ships, deep sea tables, debris weighted with fathomless pencils. Is there land where the world becomes a line?
FRAME is an artistic research group that focusses on the image. These are seen in broad terms: not only frameable images such as paintings, drawings, photos, but also installations, sculptures, interiors, buildings, landscapes, literary texts, even metaphores and philosophical concepts are seen as crucial depictions of reality, as art. FRAME works with two tracks: reading attentively and creating actively.
Participating artists FRAME PXL-MAD School of Arts/Universiteit Hasselt :
Carla Swerts, Griet Moors, Ode de Kort, Patrick Ceyssens, Remco Roes & Tom Lambeens
Participating artists UPV/EHU University of the Basque Country :
Andrea Abalia, Mikel Arce, Susana Jodra, Txaro Arrazola, Usoa Fullaondo & Veva Linaza
Opening 21 September at 8pm and running until 25 November 2018
CCHasselt, Kunstlaan 5, 3500 Hasselt
Info (in Dutch)
And Dominique Leroy will show his poetic sound installation Jardin (n)Ô at La Gâterie in La Roche-sur-Yon.

First shown at the Galerie RDV in Nantes this installation refers to the traditional Japanese theatre. This kinetic garden is composed of interlacing vegetals and small mechanics on recycled hard disks that rub, scratch and hit to create a sound that reminds of insects. This sculpture is activated by a series of invisible interactions based on phenomena related to vibrations, acoustics and interconnections.

All elements of the exhibition are related and form a complex system – composed of conducting materials, sound flows and resonators. A microphone at the entrance of the gallery captures the sounds from the street which become a real activator of the sound installation.

Rentrée – Return

For this year’s ‘Rentrée’ – or return to usual business, Bureau Doove starts in new premises and with an updated look. The desk is still ‘chaotic’ – full of projects, but now also has a view and is definitely based in Saint-Nazaire, France. While Bureau Doove is ready to develop new projects, the artists of the Bureau are active as ever:

Anne-Marie Maes shows her installation ‘BEE AGENCY’ in the group exhibition ECO-VISIONARIES at HeK Basel (Haus der electronischen Künste/House of Electronic Art)

HeK is dedicated to digital culture and the new art forms of the information age. It is a place for creative and critical discourse on the aesthetic, socio-political and economic impact of media technologies.
In the groupsshow ECO-VISIONARIES, the artists research how new media, technologies and technology-scientific methods are used in the arts to draw attention to pressing ecological issues. What visionary projects and ideas are emerging to tackle climate change, food shortage and resource depletion? Which solutions are worth pursuing? ECO-VISIONARIES presents artistic responses to current challenges, whereby some of the new works were created for the context of the exhibition. The exhibition shows how new media and technologies are used, not only to draw attention to ecological problems, but also to develop visionary solutions.

ECO-VISIONARIES runs until to 11/11/2018
Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel
Freilager-Platz 9
CH-4142 Münchenstein / BaselWednesday – Sunday 12-18pm

Maes will also take part in
Bio-art Society Finland, 16/9/2018 – 23/9/2018

Field_Notes is an art&science field laboratory at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in Lapland/Finland. Five groups work for one week in the sub-Arctic Lapland to develop, test and evaluate specific interdisciplinary approaches in relation to the notion of Ecology of Senses. The aim is to engage with the inner and outer landscapes, create field experiments, find and establish test sites, set up observatories and excavations. We will breath, smell, taste, touch, listen and walk with open eyes as well as install the sensors brought with us or made on site.

Pascale Weber (Hantu) will be showing her film The Breakwater – Dancing a Line in the Sound that was created in Plymouth, during the event ‘3 du TROIS’ that takes place every 3rd day of of the month at the Centre de Création Choreographique Luxembourgois. Find more info here. In this case it forms part of the exhibition No Man’s Land – Natural Spaces, Testing Grounds at Mudam Luxembourg.

Sanctuarization is one of the frequent responses to ecological concerns about natural territories: the desired solution as such, but also one which results from effects induced by military or political situations. These situations, which aim to regulate the impact of the human presence on our planet, strongly modify our cultural imagination. The exhibition No Man’s Land brings together around fifteen artists who have outlined a field of study related to this issue and whose work invites us to re-examine our relationship with the natural world.

She will also take part in the closing event ‘Supergreen Sunday‘ of the exhibition on 9 September. At 2pm that day the film The Drift by Hantu Pascale Weber & Jean Delsaux) will be shown, while Pascale will give a guided tour through the exhibition at 4pm. Find more info here.

More soon.

Sara Bomans – Mom’s Book



As part of her art work Sara Bomans makes cartoons which she calls ‘Secret Thoughts’, now already adding up to more than 1500. Since becoming a mom part of those cartoons are inspired by her daughter. Typical for Bomans’ work these are observations of daily life situations that hinge on the absurd.

While she publishes all of her drawings on facebook, Bomans also likes to turn them into books. After a first publication of her ‘Secret Thoughts’ drawings a couple of years ago, she therefore is now preparing the publication of a second book solely bringing together the drawings on motherhood which clearly is not all sunshine and roses. With her usual sense of humour Bomans shows the funny conversations she has with her daughter in an intimate and recognisable way. She also observes what motherhood feels like to her.


  • I love you
  • You have said that already a million times! I will remember it myself!

To get the book published Bomans is using the Dutch fundraising site Voordekunst (For Art). Although she already reached her goal, more funding is needed to lower her own financial input. The book is in Dutch, but the drawings are also understandable for an international audience. And who knows, maybe one day there will be a translated version.

Please support Sara Bomans by donating on the site here (in Dutch). You can donate as little as €10 and get rewards from donating €20 or more, ranging from a set of ‘Secret Thoughts’ postcards to a signed copy of the book or even a rack with a selection of 63 original drawings.

One of my personal favourites is the drawing pictured below, an absurd car conversation with her daughter at the age of 3 years and 3 months:


  • What a nice life we have, don’t we?
  • But I lost my life!
  • Where did you lose it?
  • In the zoo – the giraffe has my life!
  • Ai! Did you swap?
  • Yes, but I want MY life back!
  • What did your life look like?
  • Like a lion
  • And what did the lion look like
  • Like an ape





Alexandra Dementieva in Permittivity of free space and Interalia Magazine

Alexandra Dementieva currently takes part in the group exhibition ‘Permittivity of free space’, opening tonight in the London APT Gallery and running until August 5th.

From APT’s press release:

The title of this exhibition refers to the resistance that material has to the flow of electricity and also applies to the vacuum of space. Alternative meanings relating to taking transitory ownership of the space are also relevant. The participating artists intend to develop progressive processes in the gallery space that include migrations of art works as well as the potential for changes in their structures during the four days. These translocations will influence perception of the works as well as of the space itself.

Interfaces act as the membrane in which ideas from online communities can permeate into real and physical manifestations. We intend to address this by accessing open source concepts in the creation of installations utilising materials harvested from local areas surrounding APT Gallery. We aim to transfer ideas into specific localities relating to everyday inhabitance of a space. We would like to create an open system in which ideas permeate between the artists and surrounding community.


‘Permittivity and the Charge Field’. A Talk by Paul Malone.
An illustrated reworking of the theory of Permittivity with reference to the Charge Field theory (Ballistic Light theory) of Walter Ritz (d1909). Dates and times: TBA

Where: APT Gallery, 6 Creekside, Deptford, London. SE8 4SA
When: Thursday to Sunday. 12.00 to 17.00. 26th July to 5th August.
Private View: Friday 27th July 18.00 to 21.00. Part of SLAM Last Fridays (link)

Interalia Magazine, “an online magazine dedicated to the interactions between the arts, sciences and consciousness” just published an extensive interview with Alexandra Dementieva on ‘The fragility of human existence’. You can read it here.

Featured image, Alexandra Dementieva, Sleeper
Other, Alexandra Dementieva, Yesterday Flowers

Perma-culture, Intermission, Summerlab & Translations

It’s been a while, mainly due to some very busy activities, amongst others end of June a visiting trip to perma-culture gardeners in Orleans, Blois and Tours in view of a potential project about which more is to follow.

Simultaneously Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot started the Intermission project in Nantes and Bougenais – see some pictures of the opening weekend below. This is currently followed by their residency at KRA in the Czech Republic and next month in California. For more info (in French) on their whereabouts see this link.

This was followed by Ping’s Summerlab which this year visited Saint-Nazaire from 7-11 July. Based in the School of Art this resulted in some days of inspiring slow-paced development, observations and conversations around the theme of Récits Nature (Tales of Nature) between various artists and other practioners, amongst which Dominique Leroy, Jean-Francois Rolez, Jerome Joy and Regine Fertillet. Luc Babin made some filmic impressions of these days which can be seen via this link (in French). And you can find some interviews with participants via this link (also in French).

Main work has also gone into BD’s translation department in order to independently support our cultural activities in the future. This is what we will be mostly concentrating on until end of August/beginning of September when we hope to give you more news about the residencies and other ongoing projects. For now all best wishes and enjoy the sun wherever you are.