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This is to let you know that I will be working on the look of the website in the upcoming weeks, to make it more agile and suitable to all the demands of Bureau Doove. Of course, this process may involve some hiccups, but I hope that the final result will be successful and you will like it. See you soon!

Je vous informe que je vais travailler sur l’apparence du site dans les semaines à venir, afin de le rendre plus agile et adapté à toutes les demandes du Bureau Doove. Bien sûr, ce processus peut impliquer quelques contretemps, mais j’espère que le résultat final sera réussi et qu’il vous plaira. À bientôt !

Various: Mike Blow, Sara Bomans and Kerminy

Mike Blow – Aeolus Online

Artist Mike Blow and art production company Hogarth Productions have unveiled the virtual sound sculpture ‘Aeolus Online’.

Sound artist Mike Blow and art production company Hogarth Productions have recently unveiled an innovative virtual sound sculpture that allows visitors to compose with the sound of winds from all over the world.

The piece, Aeolus Online, utilises a digitally rendered mid-20th century index card cabinet with twelve individual drawer compartments, each containing a recording of the wind. 

At the start of 2020, as the pandemic began to limit the opportunities for live work, funding was granted to develop the idea. 

Through a call for participation, the team sourced wind recordings from artists all over the world. Using state-of-the-art 3D rendering technology called RealityCapture, Chris Hunt of Controlled Frenzy scanned the index card cabinet and its environment which now means that users can interact virtually with the cabinet to explore wind sounds captured from across the globe.

As Edmund Harcourt, director of Hogarth Productions explains, “traditionally we have created real-world projects, but working digitally has given us the opportunity to really increase the scope and ambition of the project. We were able to reach out to artists and collaborators across the globe”.

The uses for the finished project are numerous, but the biggest advantage of taking this project into a virtual world is that it’s now able to reach a larger and more diverse audience than the original object ever could.

In a year of isolation and difficulties, Mike hopes that his work can bring people together, “the sheer variety of sounds is wonderful, and I hope that especially in challenging times they bring us a sense of togetherness,” says Mike.

“No matter where in the world it is from, the wind is familiar to all of us, and speaks of distant origins and destinations, of the past and of the future.” 

Aeolus Online is the virtual evolution of a physical interactive sound sculpture made by Mike in 2013.

Check Out Aeolus Online Here> 

Sara Bomans with Griet Moors in Let’s change, DON’T CHANGE

Let’s Change, Don’t Change is an exhibition/happening that tries to move away from the traditional, static fact of the expo as a viewing show. It offers a dynamic experience in which the visitor is stimulated by artworks, lectures, performances and film screenings. The live dimension, the education, the dialogue and collaboration is the main focus. For a period of three weeks we the visitor is asked to actively participate and think about how art should be experienced.

𝗜𝗻𝘃𝗶𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘀: Anne-Lore Thijssen, Mirthe Tibos, Stefanie De Bakker, Indra Wouters, Milan Gillard

Et Alors‘ is the artist name of Griet Moors and Sara Bomans, a fresh duo of artists. The works created in this collaboration are characterised by playfulness. They often consist of separate components that come from Moors and Bomans’ oeuvres or residual material. With these ingredients, they build installations that have no fixed form and that explore the boundaries of the ‘unfinished’.

1 – 18 July, Begijnhof Hasselt, Belgium

More info on https://www.facebook.com/events/326469338859621

Kerminy publishes its 3rd Newsletter

In its 3rd newsletter Kerminy publishes its program for this summer with amongst others Pandorhack, Summer university of the forest, during the month of August. This includes from 25 to 28 August Ecosoma and the workshop Devenir végétal:

A plant in the forest lives as a collective. It is not an individual, like domesticated plants, vegetables or those in our living rooms. It is a part of a whole, it supports the whole, and the whole supports it. It breathes the whole, the ensemble, the collective. Its intelligence is not individual, but collective. Therefore, to become a forest is to live in and contribute to a collective. To bury your seeds deep in the earth and let them wait for the right moment when the ecosystem needs them to become a plant, a tree, a flower, a fruit. And so, to call the fauna that inhabits them, before calling for change. Doing it collectively. This is what we propose to explore during this summer edition of Devenir Végétal. For five days we will live together in Kerminy. Taking the time to simply be there. With our asymmetries and our complementarities. We will explore the forest, water the garden, dance, become moss, arborescence. We will connect, listen, be silent. To be present from the depths of our cells. Let our vegetal resurgences emerge.

For this edition, the formula is changing:
Diana & Marina will offer fixed appointments, but there will also be time for free exploration and unframed study. Everyone can explore in their own way. You can make proposals to the group (a film, a discussion, an idea for a performance, a trip to the ocean). You can also create your own independent path: the collective will be there in your bodies and in your consciousness. On the last day (or another?) for those who want, we can plan moments of sharing in the form of presentations or performances.

More info in French here.

LASER Talks Brussels – Light, time and the collaboration between art and science

The second edition of LASER Talks Brussels took place on Tuesday 15 June at 7pm CET with as guests Ulrike Kuchner, Paul Malone and Els Van Riel. We will be talking about light, time and the collaboration between art and science.

Find the link for the video of the talk here

Els Van Riel, Ellips – Ulrike Kuchner, Data with Empathy – Kuchner-Malone, round3-round4

Featured image: Paul Malone, The Photonic Sea

The Leonardo/ISAST LASERs are a program of international gatherings that bring artists, scientists, humanists and technologists together for informal presentations, performances and conversations with the wider public. The mission of the LASERs is to encourage contribution to the cultural environment of a region by fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and opportunities for community building to over 40 cities around the world. To learn more about how our LASER Hosts and to visit a LASER near you please visit our website. @lasertalks

Kristof Vrancken – The Sustainist Gaze at Z33

Z33 in Hasselt presents the first major retrospective of Kristof Vrancken in which ecology, activism and photography meet each other.

The portrait of Vrancken in a lab coat, studying an unknown specimen in a post-industrial landscape sums it all up. There’s the part of the mad professor that has led him to drink, not without danger, his selfmade concoctions made out of plants growing on industrial wastelands. But there’s above all this willingness to enter into an intense relationship with that landscape for which he advocates a more sustainable relationship with nature.

As a photographer Vrancken therefore consciously opts for natural materials, avoiding the use of polluting chemical products in analogue photography. He experiments with emulsions of algae, berries and knotweed, and uses sunlight to develop his photos. This slow, traditional way of working is a reaction against today’s flash culture and the fleetingness of images. By making prints using plants, nature is not only present on the image, but also literally in the image. Vrancken transcends classical photography and interweaves his practice with other disciplines such as design, new media and science.

Kristof Vrancken is part of an ecological and climate conscious movement in the arts. How can you be active and constructive as an artist instead of merely critical and documentary? How do you not only show an alternative view, but also turn it into a concrete action? Can an artistic view lead to a new way of looking at nature and the relationship with mankind? These questions are central to his artistic practice.

The exhibition The Sustainist Gaze shows this artistic research practice of the past seven years in five chapters. In these Vrancken takes on three different personalities – that of artist, scientist and guide – as a reference to the film Stalker (1979) by Andrei Tarkovsky. The notion of the forbidden wasteland that is also central to this film, a kind of in-between nature as symbol for the Anthropocene, with its own ecosystem, is omnipresent. It results in various kinds of images that mostly have a melancholy mood due to using alternative ways for developing his ephemeral photographs that result on brown or purple prints, but also because of the nature of their locations.

At the same time Vrancken instigates various initiatives for a creative and positive approach of the anthropocene. In A Possible Sustainocene (2021) he engages for instance in scientific research into local pigments and electro-active bacteria at the University of Hasselt.

Kristof Vrancken – The Sustainist Gaze

Curator: Ils Huygens

With contributions from: Niek Kosten, Frederik De Bleser, Lieven Menschaert, Giacomo Piovan, Jenny Stieglitz, MFPF & X-LAB (UHasselt)

12 June until 22 August 2021

Z33 Bonnefantenstraat 1
3500 Hasselt (Belgium)

More info here

This text is partly based on that which can be found on the website of Z33. All images by Kristof Vrancken.

Alexandra Dementieva in a galaxy, far, far away…

The starry skies are maybe more than ever the subject of dreams about long distance travel and new encounters. One way of dealing with this is the recently launched Art Spaceship by V-Art. Because although there were recently attempts to declare art as non-essential, it’s clear that it has an important role to play in thinking about and developing the future. Jules Verne or George Méliès are of course great pioneering examples of the important art of science fiction. Today Alexandra Dementieva is one of 21 artists leading the way.

Selected by an international jury, Alexandra Dementieva’s project Sleeper (2018) is situated in sector E or the Wardroom of the massive spaceship that seemingly floats away to unknown destinations.

The Sleeper installation presents tapestries being excavated in 4500 by our descendants/ space travellers and their interpretation of that archeological discovery. The size of each carpet is 55х77 cm and corresponds not only to the average size and aspect ratio of a cabinet easel painting but also to one of the typical television screen ratios of the last century.

The tapestries arranged along the whole perimeter of the space imitate a picture gallery. Each of them is based on a still image from Woody Allen’s film Sleeper (1973). However, the stills serve only as a basis for the images since all of them have been completely transformed — glitched — practically beyond recognition as resulting from a computer breakdown during the viewing of the film. However, the order of the narrative development is rigorously preserved — still images are arranged in the same sequence that they appear in the film. In some of them, one can discern particular scenes and characters; however, the tapestries gradually turn into something similar to abstract painting.

Using the iOS or Android platforms one can link up to the work and listen to a story of this tapestry told by scientists of the future. We learn that human evolution went farther than we could imagine, that they managed to dispose of the physical body and exist in a form of light waves. All in all, we are presented with a picture gallery, each tapestry of which is both an interactive symbol of the past century and a certain prospect for the future.

Find more information on Sleeper on Alexandra Dementieva’s site under Works.

For a visit of the Art Spaceship and more info check this.

LASER Talks Brussels – Light, time and the collaboration between art and science

The second edition of LASER Talks Brussels will take place on Tuesday 15 June with as guests Ulrike Kuchner, Paul Malone and Els Van Riel. We will be talking about light, time and the collaboration between art and science.

Find more information and the link to register here.

Date: 15/06/2021 Time: 7pm CEST/UTC+2, Find your timezone here.

The ZOOM link will be provided upon registration.

The Leonardo/ISAST LASERs are a program of international gatherings that bring artists, scientists, humanists and technologists together for informal presentations, performances and conversations with the wider public. The mission of the LASERs is to encourage contribution to the cultural environment of a region by fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and opportunities for community building to over 40 cities around the world. To learn more about how our LASER Hosts and to visit a LASER near you please visit our website. @lasertalks

Arboretum: Hantu in Vivant végétal

Under the title Arboretum Hantu(weber+delsaux) is organising a collective performance in collaboration with Simona Polvani with 40 performers) as part of the exhibition Vivant végétal in the park surrounding the Maison d’Agglomération in Montgeron, France. The event is organised by the community of municipalities Val d’Hyerres and Val de Seine and the Institut Acte de l’Université de Paris 1.

In Arboretum – gardens in movement, Hantu will move between acacia shoots, considered invasive but presenting many qualities (notably environmental), and flax sprouts, from which we feed, from which we can treat ourselves and even dress ourselves… The performers will be of all ages, from high school students to pensioners, and from all walks of life: members of the metalworkers’ collective, art students, pensioners, professional dancers and performers.

The performance takes place on Thursday 20 May from 6pm to 7.30pm.

The exhibition can be visited everyday for free until 20 June at the park of the Maison d’Agglomération, 2 bis avenue de la République in Montgeron.

*In other news you can now find the full translation of the recent interview with Pascale Weber by Gabrielle Carron in the online magazine TK-21 here.

LASER Talks Brussels – Annemarie Maes and Camilla Colombo

On 20th April the first of LASER Talks Brussels started with a conversation with Annemarie Maes, artist and researcher, and Camilla Colombo, curator. Annemarie Maes talked about her exhibitions SENSORIAL SKINS – WOVEN BY NATURE, shown in 2 parts at PILAR, House for Art and Science – Brussels from 8 – 23 April 2021, and at iMAL, Art Center for Digital Culture and Technology – Brussels from 29 April – 16 May 2021 with Camilla Colombo as curator.

You can find the recording of the LASER Talk here.

The next LASER Talks Brussels is scheduled for Tuesday 15 June at 7pm with panelists Ulrike Kuchner, Paul Malone and Els Van Riel. More info to follow soon.

Bolero 2021 Stories – Neil Wood

Today’s Bolero 2021 story is that of Neil Wood who decided on an alternative view for his contribution and to turn his newspaper in a horizontal direction.

This work examines the idea of alternative realities and how separate worlds co-habit. 
What is the relationship? What happens when alternative realities are joined by design?
Unlike alternative facts, alternative realities don’t seek any truth competitions, they just co-habit in the physical world, in the human psyche and in human society at large. 
Bolero, with its physical newspaper support, invites a chance confrontation between worlds – in this case a 4 line poem and a page from the Financial Times.

FOXGLOVE is a rap (a Killer Wrap) inspired by the name of the pink flower, set in characteristic inky grey cap letters and juxtaposed over columns of market data.
Thus, an apparently surreal relationship is established whereby the text relates to the cold, hard data of the equity markets – in itself not unused to manipulations. 

And indeed, with a commission, it’s fun to find other common elements: pink flower vs. pink paper F for FOXGLOVE vs. F for FINANCIAL.

Today is officially the last day of Bolero 2021 which can be visited on the square in front of the Centre André Malraux as well as in the rue des Bons Enfants in Rouen. You can make a virtual visit here which includes the archive in the Centre André Malraux.

Alexandra Dementieva in Chaos & Cosmos BXL

‘Chaos & Cosmos BXL’ is a showcase at iMAL that brings together three prototypes of interactive installations from Brussels based artists. George van Dam & Various Artists, Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans and Alexandra Dementieva – in collaboration with Yacine Sebti – were invited to produce new works for the media art festival CYFEST-13 that takes place in Saint Petersburg, Russia in November 2021.

Alexandra Dementieva presents Inland Wonderland, an interactive object that deals with the concepts of chaos and order. Our universe obeys to the logic of four interactions – gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, weak – that affect it (not counting the Higgs field). Chaos on the other hand is only produced by human activity and our heads are the omnipotent producers of this phenomenon.

Inland Wonderland translates this contrast in interaction with the visitor who activates the helmet by lowering it. A human figure begins to move and starts to run in disorder, triggering other characters who are also running. The animation of people in chaotic motion lasts as long as the viewer holds the helmet.

On 18 April 2021 Alexandra Dementieva will be present from 17:00 to 18:00 at the exhibition for give further explanation to the visitors on ‘Inland Wonderland’.

Object design by Peter Maschke

More info here.

Alexandra Dementieva
Adem Labo

10 – 18.04.21

iMAL – Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology

Koolmijnenkaai 30 Quai des Charbonnages, 1080 Brussels

WE-FRI: 15:00 – 19:00
SAT & SUN: 14:00 – 18:00