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LASER TALK – Immersive listening with Roel Heremans and Esther Venrooij

An evening around attentive listening through the work of two artist-researchers that create immersive sound installations, sound landscapes, or films in which listening triggers the imagination and creates a special relationship with the audience.


On the Process of Becoming Silent and Listening

Esther Venrooij

Roel Heremans is a transdisciplinary artist working with sound, composed introspection and neurofeedback. In most of his works he composes fragments of audio that trigger the imagination of visitors in order to create immersive group experiences.As a result the visitors simultaneously become actors, witnesses, performers and reenactors of mental and physical processes of thought and movement, where collective performances encounter individual reactions and vice versa.

Esther Venrooij considers her dual roles as artist and composer as occupying two different sensorial planes. She creates work in a variety of media, such as composed music, improvised combinations of electronica, video and site-specific installations. With a sharp focus, both in her studies and creative impulses on audio topography, she explores the way sound and movements inhabits space. Having collaborated live and in the studio with a variety of visual, sound and dance artists, Venrooij’s biography reads like a mixed media map of projects. She has performed and presented her works extensively for audiences in Europe, Asia and United States. In November 2015, she completed her PhD studies in Art at KULeuven with an exhibition of a series of sound installations and a dissertation: ‘Audio Topography: The Interaction of Sound, Space and Medium’. In 2018, she was granted a ZAP-mandate at KULeuven, in the field “Spatial Experiences: Spatial Experiences: Visual, Auditory, Sensorimotor, Tactile and Conceptual” and is she supervising doctoral research projects.

Talk with a projection of the artists’ work.

Tuesday 20 December 2022 at 7pm


Quai Des Charbonnages 30 – 34
Koolmijnenkaai 30 -34
Tel.: +32 2 410 30 93

Leonardo fosters transformation at the nexus of art, science and technology, because complex problems require creative solutions. We serve to empower an inclusive global network, a borderless community where all belong in pursuit of a more vibrant, just and regenerative world. A fearless pioneer since 1968, Leonardo serves as THE community forging a transdisciplinary network to convene, research, collaborate and disseminate best practices at the nexus of arts, science and technology worldwide.

About LASER Talks
Leonardo/ISAST LASER Talks
are a program of international gatherings that bring artists, scientists, humanists and technologists together for informal presentations, performances and conversations with the wider public. The mission of LASER is to encourage contribution to the cultural environment of a region by fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and opportunities for community building. The LASER Talks Brussels are moderated and curated by Alexandra Dementieva and Edith Doove.

About Adem Adem asbl/vzw is Nonprofit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. It develops and produces artistic creations and participates in the realization and artistic production of projects, covering all aspects of artistic creations, all disciplines and in particular multimedia, science, communication, journalism, it organizes events -talks, performances, exhibitions.

Founded in 2007, CYLAND is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the intersection of Art :: Tech through an annual international festival, visual exhibitions, sound art, video art, and educational programming. CYLAND brings together artists, curators, technologists, educators, and thinkers to create innovative projects around the world.

About iMAL
iMAL is a space for artistic practices around the creative and critical use of new technologies. iMAL connects a community of artists, thinkers, makers and citizens from Belgium and abroad and offers a completely renewed infrastructure to support a program focusing on research, production and presentation.

For press enquiries please contact Christiana Kazakou
Program Engagement Specialist, LEONARDO/ISAST

Image references Roel Heremans:

  • Portrait of Roel Heremans – photo by Rachel Gruijters
  • The NeuroRight Arcades on Ars Electronica Festival – photo by Roel Heremans
  • Quartet A at De Brakke Grond Amsterdam- photo by Nick Chesnaye

Image references Esther Venrooij :

  • The drawings on the table > “Worktable Esther Venrooij”, 2022.
  • Selfportrait in Rabat Morocco, 2022.
  • Microphone drawing > From a series of drawings for the exhibition “On Resonance” curated by Eric Thielemans
  • Double screening > Installation view “On the Process of Becoming Silent and Listening” (2021)

ART PLATFORM-ON 2022 in Gwangju, South Korea

This year’s exhibition takes place under the theme of Art & Environment = CROSSING. A multinational network of artistic practice and discussion on art and environment. 50 artists from 5 countries – Belgium, France, Israel, Korea and Mongolia – take part in exhibitions to present their work discourse in four of Gwangju’s cultural and artistic sites.

Alexandra Dementieva is the curator for the Belgian section. She states:

We live in troubled times. While the 21st century opened the era of high-tech inventions, increasingly implemented in our daily lives making it comfortable and pleasant, the consequences of this development are climate change, the destruction of forest systems, water pollution, extermination of other living species and social changes. Society is increasingly divided between the extremely rich and very poor.

Our era is called Anthropocene coining the moment when human beings became the main driver of changes in the environment. If anthropocentrism were concerned with the good of both present and future generations, it wouldn’t have condoned the global spread of the frivolous excessive exploitation of limited resources which are turned into merchandise.

Art Platform On ‘Art & Environment = Crossing’ creates an opportunity to open up debates on the international level on these pressing topics, to bring into discussions hidden or carefully avoided issues by cutting-edge industries and the leading world elite.

It is a big mistake to think that this murderous tendency can not be resisted. Every person with a small contribution can undermine it, but that means everyone has to be aware of it and realize the power of their contribution to the process. Art and education must henceforth be favoured as the main factors of this movement.

Artists, with their ability to create visual representations can awaken and inspire the worldwide community to get involved in a process of improving life by thinking how to save the earth’s ecology, stop the war for natural resources and show alternative ways of developing our civilization on Earth.

It is certainly not an easy task and we have to create and maintain cooperation among all of us, overcoming all borders, to spread constructive and positive thoughts all over the world.

Belgian artists:

Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans

Yvonne De Grazia

Alexandra Dementieva

Various Artists

Koen Wastyn

Chonnam National University Museum, Miro Centre, Lee Lee Nam Studio, Thinking Box Gallery

8 – 16 November 2022

Featured images by Alexandra Dementieva

Alexandra Dementieva and Anne Marie Maes at CYFEST-14: Ferment in Yerevan

True to its nomadic character, CYFEST-14, after its first visit to Dartington last September, will be presented for the first time in Yerevan, Armenia from 10 to 25 October. Alexandra Dementieva and AnneMarie Maes figure amongst the 30 artists from 7 countries that work around the festival’s theme Ferment.

As Anna Frants, founder of CYLAND MediaArtLab, artist, and one of the curators of the festival states on this year’s theme

“Fermentation in the conventional sense is a technological process in the food industry. However, if we give it some thought, practically everything that happens over time to animate, inanimate and even strictly material objects, falls under this definition. Wine undergoes a long process of change of state from ripe grapes to beverages of various degree of sweetness and strength. Human relationships also ‘ferment’ over the years, acquiring various degrees of intensity and transforming from young and raw to mellowed and mature.”

AnneMarie Maes, Sensorial Skin, details during installation, 2022

Alexandra Dementieva, Sleeper, Interactive sound installation; tapestry, AR, 2015–2017

The central venue of the festival in Yerevan is the HayArt Cultural Center — a multifunctional space that features the entire spectrum of contemporary culture – from visual, performance and digital art and photography to architecture, experimental film, electronic and classical music.

​The partner of the “Digital Fermentation” video program will be the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art NPAK

Mariateresa Sartori
The Pathetics, video, 2018–2022

The artists include AnneMarie Maes, artist, biotechnologist, author of a series of techno-organic objects on the basis of bacteria, algae and plants, Marin Kasimir, multidisciplinary artist and researcher into photographic vision, Mariateresa Sartori, an artist who combines neurobiology, music and sound in her works, the Where Dogs Run group, pioneers of science art, William Latham, artist, professor of computer art and game development at Goldsmith College, and Luca Forcucci, artist, composer and researcher into the relationships between sound, consciousness, perception, memory and the body.

Curators: Anna Frants, Elena Gubanova, Victoria Ilyushkina, Sergei Komarov, Natalia Kolodzei. 

CYFEST is organized by the CYLAND Media Art Lab and One Market Data Yerevan.

HayArt Cultural Center

7a Mashtots Ave. Yerevan, Armenia

10-25 October 2022

Mon–Sun: 11:00 – 19:00

Find more info in English and Armenian here.

— Featured image: Marin Kasimir, Edition, 2019

Alexandra Dementieva at CYFEST-14: Ferment

FERMENT is an arts and ecology festival which explores fermentation in its broadest sense — of both fermenting food and also ideas — and offers an exciting range of activities with food and art as mediums for creative engagement.

Organized by artist, curator and founder of CYLAND MediaArtLab Anna Frants and exhibition coordinator at CYLAND Lydia Griaznova, Ferment is de second iteration of CYFEST-14 which took place in Dartington Estate, UK for the first time last year.

Fermentation as a natural process might be an entry point in seeking new approaches to perceive the world and to devise alternative attitudes of how to live here differently. To be able to respect life as it is and share the world with others seems to be an essential feature and an ongoing training process in an ever-changing world. Sometimes a radical step will not be another leap in progress made in a blink of the eye, but will take place extremely slowly, with a long-standing accumulation of energy. Where there was once a sharply-focused vision with a well-planned horizon of the future, there will be a wide-angle observation of ways to exist “other than me” — planetary, existentially, organically.

We are inevitably part of the world of many forms and ways of lives, despite how individual and separated our own life might feel sometimes. How could we be conscious and responsible actors in this process? Art might not provide straightforward and exact answers, but it may offer some clues about the directions where these answers could be located.

Alexandra Dementieva, Sleeper, Interactive sound installation; Tapestry, AR, 2015–2017

Alexandra Dementieva will present Sleeper (2015–2017), an interactive sound installation with tapestry and AR. A series of tapestries forms an installation that presents a sequence of film frames from the movie “Sleeper” by Woody Allen. The movie has been glitched and accidentally “edited” by the artist’s crashed computer, becoming completely transformed and practically unrecognizable. The order of narrative development has been rigorously preserved: the still images are arranged in the same sequence as they appear in the film. The tapestries convey the movie’s plot, but in their own way, where some parts have been lost and others have remained. The size of each tapestry is 58×77 cm, which corresponds to the television and film format (4×3) of the 20th century. The artist uses an old visual technique: the art of weaving. Even if contemporary digital media were destroyed, this technique would be preserved.   

By pointing a tablet with an AR application at a tapestry, visitors can watch a video which gives an explanation for each tapestry. The video is made from the perspective of human descendants / space travelers, who have found the tapestries 2000 years later. Their conclusion is that the tapestry is a way to archive film and video from the 20th-21st centuries. The film they find is Sleeper, a science fiction movie about a dystopian world.

Other artists presented in Ferment are Alexander Bochkov, Anna Frants, Alexey Grachev, Elena Gubanova & Ivan Govorkov, Pavel Ignatev, Ivan Karpov, Katran, Sergey Komarov, Antti Kukkonen and Alena Tereshko.

Ferment starts this Friday 23 September and runs until 1 October at

Dartington Esate
Totnes, Devon,


More info, full program and images can be found here.

Benoît Géhanne – publication and exhibition at CNES

This Thursday 15 September the publication Le Centre spatiale de Toulouse is launched while during the Nuit Blanche of 1 Saturday October Benoît Géhanne exhibits together with Éric Pessan.

Le Centre spatiale de Toulouse retraces a cultural journey through the archives of CNES on the occasion of GRACE 3 (Groupe de Recherches Artistiques et Culturelles sur l’Espace – Artistic and cultural research group on space) with Éric Pessan and Isabelle Sourbès-Verger. They specifically examined the archives of a social movement at CNES (the French National Centre for Space Studies) against the backdrop of the transfer of engineers and technicians from Ile-de-France to Toulouse.

During the Nuit blanche of 1 octobre Géhanne and Pessan show their research results in a one day and night exhibition at CNES.

Reserve your place for the book presentation on Thursday 15 September at CNES or a private visit of the exhibition on Saturday 1 October at

ode.inscription@gmail.com or +33 06 75 75 48 25

Alexandra Dementieva and Various Artists in ZombieBox

ZombieBox is a Q&A exhibition by Alexandra Dementieva and Various Artists. Q&A is a series of collaborations initiated by Various Artists with fellow artists who are active in different fields of the art world.

Both Alexandra Dementieva and Various Artists are interested in the ‘p-zombie concept’, a hypothetical creature that is completely identical to a person in terms of the physical body, but does not have consciousness. They take this as a starting point to make new work. ZombieBox serves as a metaphor for the current broadcasting culture that is zombifying a huge amount of spectators everywhere and especially in Russia nowadays.

Various Artists will present ceramic bird pots in an installation that evokes the growing lack of free will in contemporary society. Alexandra Dementieva responds with a new installation of objects in projectroom n0dine.

ZombieBox Opening Thursday 08.09.2022 / 18:00 – 21:00 09/09/2022 – 02/10/2022 by appointment

n0dine, Rue de Laekensestraat 105, 1000 Brussels

ZombieBox, Manette
Kinetics: Mathieu Zurstrassen
(dc motors controlled by an Arduino)

Sara Bomans – Double Act

During the month of August Sara Bomans will perform a double act with no less than two solo shows in Ostend, Belgium.

As she indicates herself she will perform this double act as a kind of strange comical duo, split in two, a puppeteer in miniature decors.

Sara Bomans, Memories of Houses I didn’t enter #13, 2022, cardboard, tape, wooden stirring sticks, wood glue, foam, haste
12,8cm x 10,5cm x 10,5cm

Both shows open Friday 29 July from 6-8pm at

Gallery White Interiors
Langestraat 55 – Ostend
Open: Thurs-Fri 11am-12pm30 – 2-6pm; Sat 11am – 6pm; Sun-Mon 2-6pm
Gallery Beausite
Albert I-Promenade 39 – Ostend
Open every day 11am-9pm

Please note that the end dates haven’t been decided yet.

BOLERO in Kyiv and Kassel

The BOLERO-project, of which BD was the curator in spring 2021, is finding new halting places in Kyiv and Kassel this summer, opening both this Saturday 23 July.

Passing the baton from Rouen to Kyiv and Kassel

Five Ukrainian artists, selected by curator Alexandra Tyranova, contributed works in which the war in Ukraine is tangible. In Kassel, five German artists, selected by the German artist Jürgen O. Olbrich, participate in Bolero’s ‘nomadic exhibition’, which fits with the concept of Documenta 15, looking for connection between artists and different cultures. Bolero is a unique artists’ initiative that has been shown in 15 locations worldwide since 2010. Currently it has 93 artists. The newspaper as a medium-support of art works connects the location, the artists in Ukraine and Kassel in a time that more than ever demands comfort and solidarity.

The artistic interaction at Documenta 15 is the 2nd time Bolero links to Documenta as it was also presented during the Athens off-show at Documenta 14.

Kyiv (Ukraine) July 23, 2022

Location in public space around
Golden Gate area in Kyiv
opening: July 23
curator: Alexandra Tyranova and Leo Trocenko

Kassel (Germany)
July 23 – September 25, 2022

Location in public space: wall in front of Hübner-Areal Agathofstrasse, Kassel opening: July 23, 11.00 AM curator: Jürgen O. Olbrich

Alexandra Dementieva in THINGS WE SUSPECTED (from each other) 

The expo THINGS WE SUSPECTED (from each other) is a temporary collaboration between GC Nekkersdal and visual artist Yvonne De Grazia.

Brussels-based and (inter)-national artists responded to De Grazia’s call to present a recent work or research in the former ‘talking book library and Materne jam factory’ annexed to GC Nekkersdal.

The show is aligned with the expanding and dynamic contemporary Brussels art scene. Sustainable projects, co-creation, exchanges and synergies between artists are essential in a diversified Brussels.

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA shows a series of her light paintings.

Other participating artists are:

UNTIL 02.07.2022 Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6 pm.
► Finissage: Saturday 02.07 from 1-6 pm.

GC Nekkersdal, bd. Bockstaellaan 107, 1020 Brussels
Yvonne De Grazia, yvonnedegrazia@gmail.com, +32 476 452 228

Annemarie Maes in BIOTOPIA

This Saturday 18 June opens BIOTOPIA – a contraction of Biotope and Utopia, that plunges us into the universe of the living beings that populate our planet. The exhibition brings together nearly 30 artists, designers, researchers, women, men and people who question the central position of humans in the world, amongst which Annemarie Maes showing her Transparant Beehive. BIOTOPIA proposes shifting our points of view, immersing ourselves in the heart of non-human societies and opening ourselves up to the diversity of ways of being.

Our body is composed of 90% bacteria; we live in symbiosis with populations of microorganisms that live in the smallest corners of our morphology. Since the discoveries of the famous microbiologist Lynn Margulis, we now know that the evolution of life stems from symbiosis and interdependence rather than competition between the best individuals. Through an exploration of the living, Biotopia tells us how these animal, plant and mineral societies can teach us to live better together and create more environmentally friendly technologies.

How can we recreate utopia faced with the predicted impasses of a world that we no longer know how to conceive? How can we live together? What is at stake, recalls biologist and thinker Donna Haraway, is the survival of the innumerable ways of living and becoming with each other on this earth.

BIOTOPIA from 18 June until 27 November 2022

Le Pavilion Esplanade de la Citadelle 5000 Namur

Wednesday to Sunday 12-6 pm
Monday-Tuesday closed


ZIMOUN, 25 woodworms

Cindy COUTANT, Télédésir

Thomas THWAITES, Goatman


Why Not Hand Over a ​“Shelter” to Hermit Crabs?

Think Evolution #1 : Kiku-ishi (Ammonite)

Pepa IVANOVA, Decay

Ani LIU, Kisses from the future

Collectif MUESLI, Peintures indisciplinées


One Tree ID — How to Become a Tree for Another Tree

Thijs BIERSTEKER, Econtinuum

OHME & AIKO DESIGN, Karine VAN DONINCK, Rotifer (a)live

Antoine BERTIN, Conversation métabolite

Lia GIRAUD, Photosynthèse, Installation Algægraphique

REMIX EL BARRIO, Various Projects


Teresa VON DONGEN, Biolume

Laboratorium KASK (Maria Boto et Heleen Sintobin), Ecology of Colour


SILK LAB, Living Materials

PURIFUNGI, Myco-Ashtrays

Anne Marie MAES, The Transparent Beehive

DESIGN I/0, Field


Tim KNAPEN, Godmode

Camille SCHERRER, In The Woods

Curator : Marie du Chastel