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Alexandra Dementieva and AnneMarie Maes at Nova XX


The new forum Nova XX is dedicated to technological, scientific and artistic innovation by women on the eve of the fourth industrial revolution. The first edition takes place in Brussels from 9 till 30 December 2017. At the centre is the exhibition with 9 installations by Brussels and European artists. Bureau Doove is extremely proud that AnneMarie Maes and Alexandra Dementieva were invited to present their installations Sensorial Skin for an Intelligent Beehive and Breathless.

Nova XX further presents 7 Brussels start-ups and four thematic conferences that in total will celebrate 16 female geniuses in a wide range of domains.

Find more info on the website in Dutch and French (the English version is currently in preparation).

Nova XX opens Saturday 9 December from 5.30 pm in the Gorikshallen, Brussels, Sint-Goriksplein 1, 1000 Brussels

Saint-Nazaire visit

The recent visit to Saint-Nazaire was short but sweet. In the limited time available we visited the beach of Mr. Hulot, Le Grand Cafe for the exhibition ‘Vibrating Things’ by Marcus Avila Forero and Le Lieu Unique for their Midiminuitpoesie Festival. We worked however mainly on our European funding application about which we hope to tell you more soon! In the meantime find some photos of our visit. Thanks to Dom Leroy and Marina Pirot for the wonderful time!

.com, renewed site and Anna Walker

It is with immense pleasure that I like to present the renewed Bureau Doove. We have not only upgraded to our own domain name, thanks to our Crowdfunder campaign, but also take a new direction under the heading of Creative Consultancy. In this set up with its much wider range of possibilities, chaos is the inspiration for creative solutions. This is amongst others used in our new workshops.

The new site also enables to work in a different way with artists, presenting their work soon in an online gallery and via limited editions.

In this context I am very happy to announce that we now also work with artist and writer Anna Walker who’s incredible sensitive work on the effects of trauma fits very well in the approach of Bureau Doove. She also is an important sounding board in the development of our new direction.

Finally, we still work towards establishing residencies in Saint-Nazaire, France and you can continue to support us for this. Find out more here.

Do get in touch if you want to know more about what we do and how we can be of help in advising individual artists or organisations. I hope you will be just as excited as I am about the new adventure that lies ahead.

Edith Doove

Image: Anna Walker, still from multi-channel video work in progress Water binds me to your name…

Workshops: Wonder Room and Talk Show


Bureau Doove offers two workshops that can now be booked.

Wonder Room is a unique workshop that uses examples of presentation and organisation from art history. We also look at the use of art by popular music bands, to enhance problem solving, creative collaboration and idea development in a light and enjoyable way.

Everyday chaos becomes a wonder to explore. Using the model of the Cabinet of Curiosities or Wonder Room, every conference room is turned into a room of wonder that leads to new insights.

The workshop consists of a combination of a lecture and practical exercises. Participants are asked to bring in an everyday household or office object.

The workshop is delivered for small groups from 8 to maximum 12 participants and can be tailored to various backgrounds or purposes (non-experts, CPD, academic) during half a day or a full day with the full day having the benefit of providing a platform for the development of new ideas. In each case a safe and pleasurable environment is developed in which finding creative solutions thrives. Included are quality coffee and good cake (and lunch when a day long).

“Edith creates a relaxed and playful space and provides great coffee and cake.”

At the end of this workshop you will have new insights in how to deal with everyday obstacles.

Responses from a workshop at HQ – Business Centre, Plymouth:

“Great! I recommend it to people who feel stalled in their career or home life.”

“This was a workshop full of inspiration that filled me up with the need for play, excitement and wonder, both as an artist and as an individual.”

“A way to creatively explore ways of playfully thinking and being outside your perceived restrictions.”



Talk Show is a workshop on presentation skills in which your current presentation skills are reviewed or build from scratch. Where for most people having to present is their worst nightmare, this workshop will give you the confidence to share your knowledge or your story with others.

To give participants enough time to develop their skills this workshop is delivered to groups of maximum 4 to 6. Participants need to have access to a laptop and Powerpoint. Other presentation options will be introduced during the workshop.

As with Wonder Room this workshop creates a safe and pleasurable environment in which to develop your presentation skills in a relaxed kind of way. Quality refreshments and lunch are included in this day long workshop.

At the end of this workshop you will have to the confidence to present for a small audience.

One to one sessions and follow up coaching are also possible.

The workshops are led by Edith Doove and can be delivered in English, Dutch or French.

Use the contact form to ask for more information and a quote. Prices are dependent on venue, participants and length of the workshop.

Image: Rosamund Purcell, Ole Worm’s Cabinet of Curiosities, Museum Wormianum, Copenhagen – also see https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/ole-worm-cabinet 

Residencies in Saint-Nazaire

After three years of quiet development Bureau Doove is ready for a new adventure for which we have our eyes on Saint-Nazaire, France.With some professional contacts already in place Bureau Doove intends to connect to this exciting place that is full of potential, close to Nantes with its own vivid art scene with places like Lieu UniqueHangar à Bananes Galerie and Voyage à Nantes. Here we want to create new opportunities for artists and scientists by developing a micro residency and international exchange program in homely surroundings. As home to Tati’s Mr Hulot, Saint-Nazaire is an important emerging art and culture hub around art centres like LiFE and Grand Café, but also the University. Find some more information on the attraction of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire here.

To support this move we set up a Crowdfunder campaign and were supported by (in order of):

Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore
Jason Hirons
Laura Denning
Dominique Leroy
Beatrijs Albers
Nathalie Hunter
Neil Wood
Inserez Le Nom
Mike Blow
Jan Willem Maris
various anonymous

This gave us a good starting point but we still have some way to go. You can support the set up of the residencies by donating or choosing one of the rewards from the Crowdfunder page – they are still valid! Just contact us

Below are the video’s that Alexandra Dementieva, Nathalie Hunter and Remco Roes made to support this project.

Nathalie Hunter at La Liberté comme Emblème d’Echec

Nathalie Hunter is participating with a series of new drawings in the group exhibition La Liberté comme Emblème d’Echec (Liberty as the Emblem of Failure) curated by artists Dennis Guerra and Fred Michiels. The exhibition takes place in several shop windows as well as the gallery Office of Useless Art in Tamines, Belgium (northeast of Charleroi).

The exhibition opens tonight and will run until 1st November.

Office of Useless Art
Rue de l’Abattoir 98, 5060 Tamines, +32 494 03 88 37

More info here (in French).


Please support our project Bureau Doove: The Move on Crowdfunder 

Nathalie Hunter for Bureau Doove Presents: The Move


Have a look at the little video that Nathalie Hunter created specifically for our Crowdfunder and help us realise the set up of micro-residencies in Saint-Nazaire, France.

Nathalie Hunter is one of the earliest artists I have worked with over the years and we have always been great supporters of the idea of slow curating. It is great to see how this is becoming a wider concern, amongst others in this fascinating article by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez. The idea of the micro-residencies is developed very much in this same vein. As a curator I explicitly stepped out of the rat race to concentrate on my PhD research with Transtechnology Research. The micro-residencies follow directly out of this research and want to slowly develop and support in-depth collaborations with artists and scientists on the basis of conversations, walks, and sharing meals.

Find Nathalie’s video here and help us realise this dream project.


Pascale Weber at The Proces of Fiction, Nuit Blanche, Paris

This Saturday Pascale Weber, of artist duo Hantu, will take part in Le Procès de la Fiction – a fictive proces on the border between fact and fiction. The proces is organised by the curatorial platform le peuple qui manque and is curated by Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quirós. Pascale Weber will be one of several people being ‘judged’ while Jacques Rancière will be potentially one of the witnesses and experts.

Saturday 7 October as part of the Nuit Blanche from 7pm until 2am.

Find more information here.

Salle du Conseil de Paris, Hôtel de Ville
Free ntrance via 5, rue Lobau, 75004 Paris

or follow via live streaming here


Please consider in the meantime supporting Bureau Doove in the set up of micro residencies and international art science projects in Saint-Nazaire, France via our Crowdfunder –
Bureau Doove Presents: The Move

Jimena Kato at Artista X Artista Residency in Cuba

Jimena Kato is currently taking part in the Artista X Artista residency in Havana, Cuba, organised in collaboration with program El Ranchito of Matadero in Madrid. She shares the residency with Tamara Arroyo. In the exhibition that opened the residency Jimena Kato “presents a work whose central core evolves around the performative possibilities of the sculptural and pictorial languages. Each exploration on matter is defined by the steps, processes, footprints and gestures developed in a concrete time and space. Time and movement become part of the piece itself.”

Artista X Artista
Calle 6 Nº. 702 e/ 7ma y 9na, Apto. 3, Miramar
La Habana, Cuba.
t: +537 8325952

Once its micro-residency in Saint-Nazaire is established Bureau Doove hopes to take part in international exchanges with other residency programmes around the world. Please support our Crowdfunder to make this possible.

Bureau Doove presents: The Move

After three years of quiet development Bureau Doove is ready for a new adventure in Saint-Nazaire, France. Here we want to create new opportunities for artists and scientists by developing a micro residency in homely surroundings and international exchange program from end of 2017, beginning 2018 onwards. Home to Tati’s Mr Hulot, Saint-Nazaire is an important art and culture hub around art centers like LiFE and Grand Café, but also the University. With some contacts already in place Bureau Doove intends to connect to this exciting place that is full of potential. Close to Nantes with its own vivid art scene we will work around places like Lieu UniqueHangar à Bananes Galerie and Voyage à Nantes. Find more information on the attraction of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire here.

Your funds will help us make the move, set up the micro residency, and support the start-up and daily working of Bureau Doove in Saint-Nazaire. We will be initiating international projects for like-minded artists and scientists. The starting points for these projects are small, slow and precise, making sure the projects are well developed and responds to the needs of all involved. The residencies are built on the basis of conversation and collaboration where a slow, in-depth approach is again crucial. These will result in an online or physical presentations of art and text. The focus is on process and research to which we add a sense of playfulness and inventiveness. The residencies for one or two persons at the time offer the expertise of Edith Doove and a network of contacts in Saint-Nazaire and Nantes, but also wider afield.

Tati is our hero – our move to Saint-Nazaire is for a reason! (See Mr. Hulot’s artful take on tennis here)

Please find our Crowdfunder campaign HERE