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Several reviews for Belgian national newspapers Het Nieuwsblad en De Standaard between 1993-99.

      • radio:

Several contributions for Belgian-Flemish national radio BRTN and BRT.

(2005). Series on ‘Forgotten artists’ for ‘Neon’: E.L.T. Mesens, a.o., BRT

(2001). Script preparation for ‘Alinea’ on Luc Tuymans, BRT

(2000). Script preparation for ‘Alinea’ on Thierry De Duve, 2000, BRT

(1999). Several contributions for ‘De Kunstberg’; contributions for ‘Het Pak van Sjaalman’ on Everlyn Nicodemus, Edward Lucie-Smith, Biennial of Venice, BRT

(1998). Several contributions for ‘De Kunstberg’;

Contributions for ‘Het Pak van Sjaalman’ on Francis Picabia, Austria im Rosennetz, Fashion Summer – Rotterdam (interview Thimo Te Duits), Henri Moore, BRT

(1997). Four part series ‘The Laughter of Dada‘ for ‘Driespraak’, BRTN-Radio 3 on Dada and its influence on contemporary arts;

One-hour contributions for ‘De Wereldtentoonstelling’, BRTN-Radio 3 on Delvaux, Documenta, Skulptur Projekte Münster, Hubert Damisch, Meret Oppenheim, Sensation;

Several contributions for ‘De Kunstberg’, BRTN-Radio 3;

Contribution for ‘De Wandelgangen’, BRTN-Radio 1 on Delvaux

(1996). Four part series ‘Woman & Art‘ for ‘Driespraak’, BRTN-Radio 3

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