Jimena KATO


Jimena Kato is a Peruvian visual artist based in Madrid.

She develops her art projects from notions of drawing in dialogue with sculpture, video, sound and architecture. The crossing points are gesture, volume, space and movement.

Her works take shape in the making, playing a game of questions and answers: How to approach a given space? How to occupy it? How is volume generated? How is a construction born? How do the different systems of balance operate? How to possibly use materials without denaturalizing them? How do they respond to the different tensions and assemblies? How is a territory created?

“What interests me on the one hand, is the research and organisation of non-conventional materials, their formal and playful potentials as a form, texture and volume and on the other hand, the different tension systems created by the game between the vectors (the physical laws that restrain the matter). Different dynamic conditions determine the character of each work.”

More info at http://www.jimenakatomurakami.net and Vimeo.

We worked together for the exhibition Multi/plier.

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