Currer Bell Residencies

Nathalie Hunter, Plage de Monsieur Hulot, 2018

Currer Bell College organizes micro residencies for artists and scientists in Saint-Nazaire.

On the basis of these residencies we will initiate local and international projects  for artists and scientists. The starting points for these projects are small, slow and precise, making sure the projects are well developed and answer the needs of all involved.

The residencies are built on conversation and collaboration where a slow, in-depth approach is again crucial, resulting in online or physical presentations of art and text. The focus is thus on process and research to which we add playfulness and inventiveness.

The residencies are in principle endless. Once they start residents can choose to come and go as long as they wish. The results of their residency can take as long as they want and will be communicated via this page whenever they want. It’s aso possible that there’s no clear outcome.

2018 – Saint-Nazaire
Residency #1 – Mike Blow

2019 – Saint-Nazaire
Residency #2 – Jan Willem Maris
Residency #3 – Sara Bomans

2021 – Saint-Nazaire
Residency #4 – Fleur Leclere

Residency #5 – Agathe Schneider

2023 – Saint-Nazaire Residency #6 – Emma Genty


Logo by Agathe Schneider

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