Residencies in Saint-Nazaire

After three years of quiet development Bureau Doove is ready for a new adventure for which we have our eyes on Saint-Nazaire, France.With some professional contacts already in place Bureau Doove intends to connect to this exciting place that is full of potential, close to Nantes with its own vivid art scene with places like Lieu UniqueHangar à Bananes Galerie and Voyage à Nantes. Here we want to create new opportunities for artists and scientists by developing a micro residency and international exchange program in homely surroundings. As home to Tati’s Mr Hulot, Saint-Nazaire is an important emerging art and culture hub around art centres like LiFE and Grand Café, but also the University. Find some more information on the attraction of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire here.

To support this move we set up a Crowdfunder campaign and were supported by (in order of):

Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore
Jason Hirons
Laura Denning
Dominique Leroy
Beatrijs Albers
Nathalie Hunter
Neil Wood
Inserez Le Nom
Mike Blow
Jan Willem Maris
various anonymous

This gave us a good starting point but we still have some way to go. You can support the set up of the residencies by donating or choosing one of the rewards from the Crowdfunder page – they are still valid! Just contact us

Below are the video’s that Alexandra Dementieva, Nathalie Hunter and Remco Roes made to support this project.

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