Season Greetings and Happy New Year

This year was a bit of a bumpy ride, but Bureau Doove has nevertheless landed on its feet. To celebrate this I am sending you an image of a Liseron, a flower commonly found around here, which I photographed earlier this summer.

It is quite symbolic as Prince Charles Eduard Stuart of England or Bonnie (1720-88) visited Saint-Nazaire in 1745 to prepare the war for England and collected some seeds of the Liseron de mer or Sea Bindweed which is since then also called Prince Charlie’s Rose. He apparently sowed the seeds on the Isle of Eriskay.

This beautiful flower seems fragile, but is actually quite persistent. I am sending you this image in hope for much endurance in the months to come, thinking of my friends in the UK and anyone else hampered by political idiocy. With Bureau Doove I hope I can organise many more cultural residencies and exchanges during the coming year, as well as reporting about the work of our artists.

I wish you much beauty, friendship and health in 2019.




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