Bolero, an international art project on the move

It’s my immense pleasure to announce that I’ve been asked to be the curator of the 10th-anniversary edition of the nomadic project Bolero, an international art project on the move. Named after Ravel’s musical composition for its accelerating movement (here in my favourite version by Frank Zappa), the project was initiated in 2010 by the artists Frank JMA Castelyns, Willo Gonnissen, Pierre Mertens en Mulugeta Tafesse as an answer to an ever more global art world. The principles have always been very simple, travelling light in a suitcase with relatively little means…. Read More

Le film sans fin

The wonderful ‘Le film sans fin‘ or ‘The film without end‘ by Ollivier Moreels and Jean-Louis Vincendeau is build on the never-ending and always inspiring theme of the encounter, in the region of Saint-Nazaire. The project has now its own facebook page on which you can follow its development. In their statement on the film Moreels and Vincendeau explain: The film without end plays with professional and amateur artists, actors and poets in our Loire territory, which offers us amazing filming locations and grounds for exploration. It is written in pairs or… Read More

Archive – Jean De Groote in Parbleu

In November 1990, almost at the beginning of his career, Jean De Groote exhibited at Parbleu his project “Chair in Time II – No Observer – No Object”. The first part had been shown in the Triennial for Contemporary Art ‘Van Stof tot Asse’, organised by Jan De Smedt. Just as in the first part a chair played a central part, but it could have been any other object. It was a way to explore spatiality and representation. As I wrote at the time: Observation keeps fascinating De Groote. Observation is not… Read More

Archive – The first exhibition – Paul Bartels at Zebra

My adventure as a curator began when I decided in 1987 to move to Antwerp while finishing my studies in art history in Leiden. I found a fairly derelict downstairs 19th century apartment in the Het Zuid-area, then very much upcoming with the recent opening of the Muhka (Museum of Contemporary Arts). The best galleries like Micheline Szwajcer and Zeno X were around the corner. With my bursary and later part-time job in the pizzeria across the street I could make ends just about meet. Once a week I would go to… Read More

Archive – Kris Van Dessel at Parbleu

Early in 1992, Belgian artist Kris Van Dessel presented his so-called Isolation Project in Parbleu. 28 years later it resonates eerily with our current times. I asked how the project connects with his current work in which he amongst others curates sound works online in BO>><<. Van Dessel wrote a text which you can read on the dedicated page for his exhibition here. Photos Stefan Dewickere

Archive – “Il faut cultiver notre jardin…”, Johan Rottiers and company at Parbleu

  In autum 1992 we organised an in my view still very topical installation by the Belgian artist Johan Rottiers in collaboration with the garden architects Koen Janssens and Patrick ‘t Hooft as well as artist Georges Uittenhout. Together they considered the gallery space as a possible garden for the artist and a starting point to ask questions about the role of the artist and art in society, the role of artistic activity for the artist, the meaning of producing art, the meaning of exhibiting in a (non-commercial) space as Parbleu, the… Read More

Projet Malraux

The Project Malraux is an art initiative that resulted from the theory of art course dedicated to the Artist as Curator and Participative Art, taught by me at ESADHaR Rouen for the 4th year MA. Inspired by various participative art projects by international artists such as those by Dora Garcia, Thomas Hirschhorn, Melanie Manchot, Ernesto Neto, Lucy + Jorge Orta, or Jeanne Van Heeswijk, the students developed several participative projects as a reflection on the course to be shown at the Centre André Malraux, Rouen. Faced by the Covid-19 virus in spring… Read More

Leonardo Reviews – Habiter en oiseau

Wrote another review for Leonardo, this time on Vinciane Despret‘s Habiter en oiseau. In this weird time, listening to birds communicating with each other and the world around them is more important than ever. Read my review here.

Fevronia, return to the city of Kitezh

In the on-going series of images and texts by Jean-Louis Vincendeau he proposes the story of Fevronia, inspired by “The Legend of the Invisible City by Kitezh and the Lady Fevronia”, an opera by Rimsky-Korsakov, here in a version by the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. Fevronia lives in the forest. Prince Vsevolod met her while getting lost on a hunting trip. Very soon he falls in love with her. Later, during the wedding festivities, we learn that the Tatars are approaching and want to attack the city of Kitezh. Thus, to salvage this… Read More

Archive – Cor Knops at Parbleu

The Dutch painter Cor Knops exhibited in Parbleu from 13 February to 7 March 1992. Large scale geometrically abstract paintings were combined with smaller studies. You can find the dedicated page to his exhibition here Please note: I am trying to find photos made during this and other exhibitions I curated as most of my own material is lost – please contact me if you have anything that I could add to the archive. Thank you.