Kristof Vrancken – NOT IN MY BACKYARD!

An invasive alien is spreading rapidly and threatening our native species, biodiversity, and infrastructure. What can we do and how should we react? What is its impact? Can we return to a landscape free of these exotics or should we challenge our protectionist attitude? What role can we play? Photographer Kristof Vrancken and graphic designer Niek Kosten investigate and dissect the position of the plant species Japanese knotweed in their environment. Not in my backyard! showcases a wide array of experimental work that explores various visual and imaginative strategies to relate to the issue… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva at Ferment

Cyfest-14: Ferment examines the theme of fermentation through the dual lenses of art and ecology. Through art installations, workshops and talks, it will explore the metamorphoses that fermentation represents. Ferment is a collaboration with Cyfest, the biggest digital art festival in Eastern Europe, formed by Cyland, a Russian artists’ collective. The festival began in St Petersburg in 2007 and explores new forms of art and high technology interactions, exposing audiences to works in the field of robotics, video art, sound art and net art. Alexandra Dementieva will take part in the festival… Read More

Currer Bell Residency #4 – Fleur Leclère

Fleur Leclère, former student of ESADHaR Le Havre Rouen, started her residency in Saint-Nazaire earlier this year. Find a first publication of her research below in which she connects to an illustrated text made in 2018, La commode carmin or The carmine chest of drawers. Since the spring I have been looking forward to making summer dyes from primrose, blackberry, elderberry and other wild berries. I am attracted to the shades of colour they can produce. From my childhood I have memories of blackberry and elderberry jelly. Moments of picking, at the… Read More

Leonardo Reviews: Edgar Wind and Modern Art

In this month’s issue of Leonardo Reviews I discuss Edgar Wind and Modern Art – In Defence of Marginal Anarchy by Ben Thomas. This publication is in more than one way a timely undertaking. Connecting it to a notion of ‘Marginal Anarchy’ certainly is. Surprisingly this is the first comprehensive study of Wind’s critique of modern art. Find the full review here. Find my contributor page here.

Currer Bell Residency #5 – Agathe Schneider

Agathe Schneider, former student at ESADHaR Le Havre-Rouen, started her Currer Bell Residency in Saint-Nazaire this summer. Agathe Schneider’s sensitivity to nature leads her to question the living, which she modulates, transforms and recomposes, thus questioning the links that exist between the human and his/her environment. Schneider’s concerns revolve around our ways of living on a territory. How we build it, appropriate it, inhabit it, abandon it. Conservation practices, geology and archaeology inspire her and feed the forms she invests in.She tries to highlight the elusive action of time on matter through… Read More

Kristof Vrancken – The Sustainable Gaze

This week I had the pleasure of finally visiting Kristof Vrancken‘s exhibition at Z33 in Hasselt. The exhibition really wowed me – both in the intelligent use of the new extension of Z33 that has a truly international ambition, but also in the wonderful and rich overview of Vrancken’s work. Inspired by Tarkovsky’s film Stalker Vrancken uses the roles of artist, scientist and guide to explore the consequences of the Anthropocene through photography and installations. Find a series of photos of the exhibition by Boumediene Belbachir / Z33 and Kristof Vrancken and the… Read More

AnneMarie Maes: Theatrum Algaerium – a durational performance with the sea

Early in the morning and late in the evening, between low and high tide, the Theatrum Algaerium rises from the sea. Metal frames hold the fluttering weeds. Glass jars fill up with seawater, their round shapes are acting like a lens and focus on the morphology of the floating algae. Theatrum Algaerium operates on the border between sapiens and fauna. It presents possible futures in a new bio/techno/natural world, a universe that is at once terrestrial and aquatic, a prerequisite for future coexistence. In this garden of marine delights, our ecological consciousness… Read More

Working on a new look – Travailler sur un nouveau look

This is to let you know that I will be working on the look of the website in the upcoming weeks, to make it more agile and suitable to all the demands of Bureau Doove. Of course, this process may involve some hiccups, but I hope that the final result will be successful and you will like it. See you soon! Je vous informe que je vais travailler sur l’apparence du site dans les semaines à venir, afin de le rendre plus agile et adapté à toutes les demandes du Bureau Doove…. Read More

Various: Mike Blow, Sara Bomans and Kerminy

Mike Blow – Aeolus Online Artist Mike Blow and art production company Hogarth Productions have unveiled the virtual sound sculpture ‘Aeolus Online’. Sound artist Mike Blow and art production company Hogarth Productions have recently unveiled an innovative virtual sound sculpture that allows visitors to compose with the sound of winds from all over the world. The piece, Aeolus Online, utilises a digitally rendered mid-20th century index card cabinet with twelve individual drawer compartments, each containing a recording of the wind.  At the start of 2020, as the pandemic began to limit the… Read More

LASER Talks Brussels – Notions of Transhumanism

The third edition of LASER Talks Brussels has taken place on Tuesday 7 September at 7pm CET at IMAL – Center for Digital Cultures in Brussels with as panelists Mark Coeckelbergh, PETERMFRIESS and Angelo Vermeulen. LASER Talks Brussels are organised by Alexandra Dementieva and moderated by Edith Doove. You can find a partial recording here. According to a recently updated manifesto from Humanity+, Transhumanism can be interpreted as an approach to extend human lifespan and to expand human capabilities and states. The Manifesto continues stating that Transhumanism is the world’s strongest advocacy… Read More