Meet Hantu – Saturday 4 April 5pm

On the occasion of the current online exhibition by Hantu, I will be interviewing the French duo on their work discussing amongst others the role of performance, collaboration and photography. The interview will be in French and English, interspersed with a series of mini performances by Hantu, showcasing new work. Please join us this Saturday 4 April at 5pm CET via Zoom. Contact me for the details via the contact form mentioning Hantu. Feel free to bring you own drinks 😉 Hantu, Mask to Stay in Touch, 2020

Archive – Desiree Palmen at Parbleu

Another trip down memory lane in order to reconstruct the archive of the exhibitions I made since 1987. In autumn 1992 I invited Dutch artist Desiree Palmen to exhibit at Parbleu. She had studied at the Jan Van Eyck academy in Maastricht with Guillaume Bijl and Henk Visch and had had a first solo exhibition at Kabinett – Aachener Kunstverein in 1989. Palmen showed a combination of sculptures and large scale drawings on blackboard. The exhibition ran from 17 September until 10 October 1992. Find the dedicated page here. Please note: I… Read More

Spot #3 – Confinage Galerie

Lucky to have some very talented students who take initiative. The Confinage Galerie was set up the 16th of March, the day that obligatory confinement was announced and our art school, ESADHaR Le Havre/Rouen, closed for the unforeseeable future. Since then Lucas Cyrille and friends have organised new exhibitions every evening in the confinement of his appartment. Cyrille realises the exhibitions all himself by following the protocol that is send by artists who want to participate. The ‘vernissages’ take place every evening between 6 and 7pm via their instagram account. A beautiful… Read More

Archive – Nicoline van Stapele at Parbleu

In spring 1992 I invited the Dutch artist Nicoline van Stapele, living in Gent, to show in Parbleu, Antwerp. Her show partly coincided with a show at the Galery ‘VUB in Brussels so we made a combined invite. Asked if she could say something about the show 28 years later the artist sent the following text: The works shown here are made in black sheets of rubber that are attached to the wall with nails, as you would do with a coat on a rack. As if you would want to get… Read More

Jean-Louis Vincendeau – Soleil pistache

In today’s post Jean-Louis Vincendeau proposes a geometrical abstract image with a certain sensitive vibration. Inspired by Mendelsohn’s oratorio Elias of which you can find the version by Philippe Herreweghe and La Chapelle Royale here. Soleil pistache, Elias et les fantômes De minces trouées d’air et de paroles muettes, flaques impalpables. Exigence dans l’air bleuté du jour courbé, dormant sur le dos. Des lumières, des pensées viennent s’installer dans ce lieu carré, des âmes peut-être, arrivant de leurs propres initiatives, pas encore de récit, le début d’une broderie innocente, vertueuse. Soleil, prunelle,… Read More

Archive – Marc Schepers at Parbleu

In the summer of 1991 I invited Marc Schepers, artist and owner with Leen Derks of Ruimte Morguen, to exhibit at my former exhibition space Parbleu in Antwerp. It’s seemingly only by chance that his exhibition is the first in this series on my attempt to construct/restructure the extensive archive of my exhibitions over the last 33 years. The subject and images of the exhibition have however an eerie resonance with the current times through their reflection on the type of the hermit and the empty space of the gallery in which… Read More

Le film sans fin – La jetée

Ollivier Moreels presents the latest edition of Le film sans fin, an ongoing collaboration with artists, poets and musicians, in this case with Paul Leo Figerou for the performance,Sigurlaug Didda Jónsdóttir for the poems and Arturo Gervasoni for the music. Jean-Louis Vincendeau has written as usual an accompanying poetic text which you can find below in the English translation and the original French version. La jetée can be seen here. The filmed poems shown here are part of a set of four, visible in article 79 of the Film sans fin. On… Read More

Jean-Louis Vincendeau – Three houses

During the upcoming weeks Bureau Doove will regularly publish the poetic images and thoughts of Jean-Louis Vincendeau. Three houses And what do these three little white houses do on a red branch or on the side of a hill? They are joined and clenched against each other; houses of very thin expectations oriented towards the light as far as they can. Maybe a few carefree paper mice dance in the three attics? Below, white bouquets on the tables enlighten the discreet embrasures. Fragile image in view of the violence of this world,… Read More

Hantu – The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Garden

In these strange times we try to find new ways to stay in touch and exchange ideas. Just before the closing down of the university, Hantu presented the performance ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Garden’ at gallery Journiac, École des Arts de la Sorbonne, 47 Rue des Bergers, 75015 Paris. Photos by Marcela Moura. All that is, exists in the same world as us. “The man that mistook his wife for a garden” works to undermine which resists change within us, to develop in the collective imaginary new representations of… Read More


FMD (Faculty of Minor Disturbances) is happy to announce that it takes part in the exhibition IN/BETWEEN PLACES. From the press release: Christian Milovanoff, still from Travail dramaturgique autour du livre ‘Bureaux’, 2017 IN/BETWEEN PLACES brings together artists and poets/writers who contributed to PLACE, an online magazine that promotes encounters between various artistic practices and theoretical writings. For the first time, the exhibition reunites these artists within a specific physical setting in order to create a dialogue between the virtual space of the magazine and the real space of the gallery. The latter… Read More