BOLERO 2021 in END – Gaspard Lieb

In today’s edition of the Empirical Nonsense Daily we present the work of French street artist Gaspard Lieb. Of his work he says: “My drawing practice only comes to life when it meets life in the street. Pasting a drawing to a wall finalizes the line. And then all this only makes sense because we share it… It is always a question of producing modest, happy or poetic encounters, to populate our urban drifts, our daily journeys.” Find his page here. Featured image: Gaspard Lieb, La consolation

Archive – Zjos Meyvis in Parbleu and new exhibition at BREED

Now almost 29 years ago Belgian artist Zjos Meyvis put an enormous tree in the exhibition space of Parbleu. On that occasion I wrote the following text: Zjos Meyvis (Kruibeke, 1950) prefers to work with natural materials, in and with nature. The constant here is to bind and especially to connect. It becomes a ritual in itself: repeating connections over and over again. It is the natural execution of an age-old principle, as a counterbalance to “a time in which connections are made with satellites and fibre optic cables”. His sculptures are… Read More

BOLERO 2021 in END – Héloïse Marie

In today’s Empirical Nonsense Daily we publish the work of French artist Héloïse Marie. Her visual poems take us on an immersive journey. Find her page here. Featured image: Héloïse Marie, Reprendre (Resume)

Alexandra Dementieva in LASER Talk on Cosmos and Chaos

Join an online conversation of the contributors of February’s upcoming special English-Russian special issue of Leonardo journal, “COSMOS and CHAOS,” created in collaboration with CYFEST international media art festival. Alexandra Dementieva will be one of the participants. This conversation will bring together artists, scientists, researchers and art historians from art institutions, associations, museums and universities across the world: IAA SETI Permanent Committee, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, Arizona State University School of Earth and Space, Concordia University, CYLAND MediaArtLab, Kolodzei Art Foundation, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg State University,… Read More

BOLERO 2021 in END – Miguel Angel Molina

This week we publish BOLERO 2021 in Empirical Nonsense Daily‘s Monday issue for a change. Miguel Angelo Molina‘s artistic approach is centered on an exploration of painting as a material (acrylic) and not as a type. Freed from “pictorial” contingencies (material intended to “paint” figures or motifs in a painting), the paint fully reveals itself, deploys its plastic qualities while sliding towards the sculptural. He applies it on everyday objects, on the floor but also on himself and in direct contact with his skin. He teaches at ESADHaR Le Havre-Rouen. Find his… Read More

Hantu and Saint Valentine

This Sunday 14 February Bonnie Tchien or Miss China organizes another day of performances in her space Rue Française rue de La Performance in Paris, dedicating it to Saint Valentine. Hantu will be contributing with a performance inspired by the myth of Baubo, the female figure from Greek mythology that made Demeter laugh by revealing her sex to him. For this they are currently preparing costumes and accessories. The image they designed is inspired by ancient representations that appear throughout history in diverse traditions, even in Christian statues, especially in Ireland. Saint… Read More

BOLERO 2021 in END – Driftingspace

Today’s publication in the Empirical Nonsense Daily presents the work of British duo Driftingspace (Sally Hall and Jason Hirons) that I had the pleasure to meet and work with during my time in Plymouth. Ever since my move to France we have been thinking of new ways of collaborating, resulting in the invitation to participate in BOLERO 2021. Their original observation of the cityscape in all its forms and their exploration of inclusivity in education and the arts perfectly adds another important take on this project. Find their contribution to END here.

Troupe/troep talk during ESADHaR Le Havre-Rouen Open door days

During the online Open door days of ESADHaR Le Havre-Rouen I will give a talk about the Troupe/troep exhibition on Wednesday 10 February at 10 am. You can follow the talk, which will be held in French, via this link (ID 974 912 6932, code 141281). See the full program of the Open door days, that run from Saturday 6 to Friday 12 February, with many excellent contributions by my colleagues, here. Retour sur l’exposition Troupe/troep de Bureau Doove à ChezKit, Pantin avec des diplômés de l’ESADHaR et d’autres artistes, mercredi 10… Read More

BOLERO 2021 in END – Jean-Louis Vincendeau

On this last Sunday of January we publish the work of Jean-Louis Vincendeau in Empirical Nonsense Daily. Co-founder of Currer Bell College Vincendeau will also participate in BOLERO 2021. Find his page in END here. Featured image – Jade, 2021

BOLERO 2021 in END – Thomas Maestro

For this Sunday’s publication in the Empirical Nonsense Daily we present Thomas Maestro, a young French artist who graduated from ESADHaR Le Havre-Rouen in 2019. Since I selected him for the exhibition ENSEMBLE we have been developing a slow collaboration. It thus made sense to also select him as one of the participants of BOLERO 2021 as well as the upcoming show Troupe/Troep. Find his page in END here. Images: Ce qu’on m’a laissé – zone école, 2019; Ce qu’on m’a laissé – zone atelier, 2019