Bureau Doove wishes you a healthy and happy 2022 ! It’s always good at the end of a year to reflect on what’s been achieved before launching into a new year. Despite difficult circumstances we managed to organize two group exhibitions: Troupe/troep at ChezKit, Pantin (29-31 January) and BOLERO at Centre André Malraux, Grand Mare and the rue des Bons Enfants, Rouen (20 March – 10 April). We continued to participate in the online project Empirical Nonsense Daily initiated by Jimi Dams, New York that started 1 August 2020 and ran until the… Read More

Film sans fin – exhibitions and concert-lecture in Saint-Nazaire

The Film sans fin (Film without end), the project by Ollivier Moreels and Jean-Louis Vincendeau has been developed since 2018. It is now the subject of two exhibitions in Saint-Nazaire until the end of October. On this occasion a book with images of the film and texts by Jean-Louis Vincendeau is presented. About their project the authors say the following (text in French below): A change of scenery through and on the territory, a device that allows for a change of scenery in thinking, experiments and the search for a “point of… Read More

BOLERO 2021 – Digital visit

While the Seine Maritime department, including Rouen, goes through yet another confinement, we are happy to be able to offer you a digital visit of the Bolero project, produced by Octopus. The new additions to the Bolero project remain visible in the public space at the square in front of the Centre André Malraux in the Grand Mare and the rue des Bons Enfants in the centre of Rouen until 10 April 2021. Please follow this link to visit. Find some in situ impressions from the rue des Bons Enfants as well… Read More

BOLERO 2021 in END – Jean-Louis Vincendeau

On this last Sunday of January we publish the work of Jean-Louis Vincendeau in Empirical Nonsense Daily. Co-founder of Currer Bell College Vincendeau will also participate in BOLERO 2021. Find his page in END here. Featured image – Jade, 2021

Jean-Louis Vincendeau et le Currer Bell College

Longtemps attendu, le second confinement donne enfin l’occasion de publier une série d’images que Jean-Louis Vincendeau qu’il a réalisé au cours des six derniers mois. Ces minuscules installations, souvent temporaires, constituent des belles réflexions poétiques et éphémères, faisant souvent référence à la littérature lue, ou à l’art vu. Non dépourvues d’humour, elles sont réalisées avec des matériaux trouvés, qu’ils soient d’origine humaine ou naturelle, et soigneusement positionnées dans de minuscules environnements théâtraux, généralement sur un fond d’une ou deux couleurs vives. En fait, ils semblent être des haïkus visuels, nous invitant à… Read More

Jean-Louis Vincendeau and Currer Bell College

Version française Long overdue, the second confinement finally is the occasion to publish a series of images that Jean-Louis Vincendeau has been creating in the past half year. These minute, often temporary installations, constitute, in all their ephemerality, beautiful poetic reflections, often referring to literature read, or art seen. Not devoid of a sense of humour, they are made with found materials, whether manmade or natural, and carefully positioned in tiny theatrical surroundings, usually against a background of one or two strong colours. In fact, they seem to be like visual haiku’s,… Read More

Le film sans fin

The wonderful ‘Le film sans fin‘ or ‘The film without end‘ by Ollivier Moreels and Jean-Louis Vincendeau is build on the never-ending and always inspiring theme of the encounter, in the region of Saint-Nazaire. The project has now its own facebook page on which you can follow its development. In their statement on the film Moreels and Vincendeau explain: The film without end plays with professional and amateur artists, actors and poets in our Loire territory, which offers us amazing filming locations and grounds for exploration. It is written in pairs or… Read More

Fevronia, return to the city of Kitezh

In the on-going series of images and texts by Jean-Louis Vincendeau he proposes the story of Fevronia, inspired by “The Legend of the Invisible City by Kitezh and the Lady Fevronia”, an opera by Rimsky-Korsakov, here in a version by the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. Fevronia lives in the forest. Prince Vsevolod met her while getting lost on a hunting trip. Very soon he falls in love with her. Later, during the wedding festivities, we learn that the Tatars are approaching and want to attack the city of Kitezh. Thus, to salvage this… Read More

Jean-Louis Vincendeau – Soleil pistache

In today’s post Jean-Louis Vincendeau proposes a geometrical abstract image with a certain sensitive vibration. Inspired by Mendelsohn’s oratorio Elias of which you can find the version by Philippe Herreweghe and La Chapelle Royale here. Soleil pistache, Elias et les fantômes De minces trouées d’air et de paroles muettes, flaques impalpables. Exigence dans l’air bleuté du jour courbé, dormant sur le dos. Des lumières, des pensées viennent s’installer dans ce lieu carré, des âmes peut-être, arrivant de leurs propres initiatives, pas encore de récit, le début d’une broderie innocente, vertueuse. Soleil, prunelle,… Read More

Le film sans fin – La jetée

Ollivier Moreels presents the latest edition of Le film sans fin, an ongoing collaboration with artists, poets and musicians, in this case with Paul Leo Figerou for the performance,Sigurlaug Didda Jónsdóttir for the poems and Arturo Gervasoni for the music. Jean-Louis Vincendeau has written as usual an accompanying poetic text which you can find below in the English translation and the original French version. La jetée can be seen here. The filmed poems shown here are part of a set of four, visible in article 79 of the Film sans fin. On… Read More