Minor Disturbances Comet 21/Borisov 8th December 2019 and Place

Inspired by Charles Ives vision of spatially distributed creativity in his unfinished Universe Symphony, The Faculty of Minor Disturbances (FMD)[1] sent out an invitation to create a minor disturbance as we corralled the forces of the universe together with 2I/Borisov, an interstellar comet which visited the solar system in December 2019. Find the responses we got on this page. Lothar Baumgarten (1944-2018), Shaiprabowë, 1985 © ADAGP, photo © Tate The Faculty also just had its first publication as part of the online magazine Place which has dedicated its second issue to Déplacement / Displacement. Find our contribution here. [1] FMD IS PART OF… Read More

Le film sans fin – La pierre percée

  This summer we filmed the episode ‘La pierre percée’ as part of the ongoing project Le film sans fin by Ollivier Moreels and Jean-Louis Vincendeau and under the heading of AATP (Agence Artistique de Traduction Poétique) near Saint-Nazaire. For this collaboration Sara Bomans wrote a text and made a series of drawings that were integrated in the film. Jean-Louis Vincendeau wrote an accompanying text which you can find in the French version below the film and of which an English translation is soon to follow. Also see the website of Ollivier Moreels… Read More

L’homme rouge/The Red Man

As part of ‘The films of Jean-Louis’, an ongoing collaboration between Jean-Louis Vincendeau and Ollivier Moreels, recently a collaboration with Romaric Sobac was set up to film ‘L’homme rouge/The Red Man’. Text by Jean-Louis Vincendeau and images by Ollivier Moreels (featured image by Jean-Louis Vincendeau). See more here. You read flyers, catalogues, posters that sing aloud. Apollinaire, “Zone”, Alcools, 1913 The red man supporting Bayern Munich is there, he picks up and organises some dented objects while letting his thoughts wander. Premises of something never named, barefoot he quickly reflects with his ‘bric… Read More

Recent publications by Jean-Louis Vincendeau

On the occassion of the award of the Silver Lion to Haris Epaminonda at the Venice Biennial we are happy to publish the translation of a poetic text written by Jean-Louis Vincendeau, inspired by her installation VOL.XVI at Le Plateau, Paris in 2015 (French version).   It is also an occassion to point out two other recent publications by Vincendeau – « Blanche déese de la rivière Separa» in the wonderful magazine Fabulla and « Au bord du blanc», ‘Suis-moi’ in the Revue Sarrazine. Haris Epaminonda “Stelle”, the word “place” Haris Epaminonda, Untitled #04 a/w, 2016, VOL.XIXinstallation view… Read More

The garden of Gilles Clément

This is certainly the year of the most surprising and inspiring collaborations for Bureau Doove. Recently I was asked by Rita Cachao if I could supply her with photos of the unique rooftop garden on the submarine base in Saint-Nazaire by Gilles Clément for a project she is developing. As it happened Ollivier Moreels and Jean-Louis Vincendeau had explored the garden already in view of their ongoing film project. Another international collaboration of the Currer Bell College was born. To be continued. Find below the translation of the text that Jean-Louis Vincendeau… Read More

Traces of Didda 2

During the recent film festival Zone Portuaires at Saint-Nazaire, dedicated to Scandinavian film, Ollivier Moreels, Jean-Louis Vincendeau and I had the honour to colloborate with the Icelandic actress and poet Didda Jonsdottir. We filmed in the port of Saint-Nazaire where Didda wrote some of her poems on the rusty buoys as part of The Film without End by Moreels and Vincendeau. The movie recordings have now been edited and subtitled. You can find them here. The text by Jean-Louis Vincendeau is a poetic description of the film shooting with references to the… Read More


Currer Bell College proposes Conversations, a series of propositions by Jean-Louis Vincendeau and Edith Doove in which we bring the work of two different artists, writers or other in conversation with each other. The work does not function as an illustration of the other, but through its often poetic confrontation seeks to discover new forms of knowledge. Find Conversation#1 Bruno Dietsch – Guillaume Ertaud here. Image Guillaume Ertaud

Currer Bell College

      We are very happy to announce that the activities of the Currer Bell College have been resumed in a collaboration between Transtechnology Research, University of Plymouth (whose director is professor Dr. Michael Punt), represented by Dr. Edith Doove, researcher in the science and theory of art, and the Cabinet des Écarts Singuliers, of the ESDAHaR Rouen Le Havre represented by Dr. Jean-Louis Vincendeau, research professor in the theory of art (whose director general is Mr. Thierry Heynen). The objective of this reactivation of the Currer Bell College is to consolidate the common… Read More