Sara Bomans in Niemand is een Eiland

‘Niemand is een eiland’ (No one is an Island) reflects the sensitive everyday connection of fauna and flora. The duality of everything that exists reinforces the fragility of that great connection. As in previous editions, the artistic content of Stadsfestival Damme grows organically around the vision of artists, writers, poets and other creative partners. Kunstenfestival Damme presents collected stories every year. The power of the word and the power of the image play the main roles. With a combination of literature, poetry, visual art, photography, philosophy, heritage, nature and gastronomy, the Kunstenfestival… Read More

Various: Mike Blow, Sara Bomans and Kerminy

Mike Blow – Aeolus Online Artist Mike Blow and art production company Hogarth Productions have unveiled the virtual sound sculpture ‘Aeolus Online’. Sound artist Mike Blow and art production company Hogarth Productions have recently unveiled an innovative virtual sound sculpture that allows visitors to compose with the sound of winds from all over the world. The piece, Aeolus Online, utilises a digitally rendered mid-20th century index card cabinet with twelve individual drawer compartments, each containing a recording of the wind.  At the start of 2020, as the pandemic began to limit the… Read More

BUREAU DOOVE in END – Loving Care and Troupe/troep

For our last publication in Empirical Nonsense Daily of this week, we present two other recent projects. Apart from BOLERO 2021 that’s still on show until 10 April in the Centre André-Malraux and in the streets of Rouen, we organized Loving Care with the large-scale paintings of Pierre Mertens in De Blikfabriek in Antwerp last September-October. And end of January there was the group show Troupe/Troep at ChezKit. Find the page dedicated to these two projects here.

Entre chien et loup

One of the first things I was invited to do last year when I started teaching at ESADHaR in Rouen was to replace someone for the opening lecture of the conference Strategies abstraites de la peinture contemporaine. The proceedings of this conference, which was organised in collaboration with the institute Acte (EA 7539 Art, création, théorie, esthétique), École des arts, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, are now published. Sara Bomans, Mini’s !, 2019 (mur du “musée” :31x23cm ; hauteur petite sculpture au premier plan : 6,7cm). Stijn Cole, Mont Ventoux 14/04/2019 à 12h10… Read More

Sara Bomans in Empirical Nonsense Daily

In the series of contributions to Empirical Nonsense Daily (END), today we’re very happy to present Sara Bomans with an exciting new series of work, Busy Being Born. The series consists out of five pink puppets that can be manipulated in various poses. For this publication I conducted an interview with Sara on the origins of this new series that she turned into an artwork in itself. Find the link to the publication in END here.

Sara Bomans in Gekende Woorden (Known Words)

  Sara Bomans is in good company this Friday evening when the exhibition ‘Gekende Woorden’ (Known Words) opens at the Academies Tielt. She’s showing a selection of her Secret Thoughts drawings alongside work by amongst others Arpaîs Du Bois, Bruce Naumann, Peter Downsborough, Bernd Lohaus and Ante Timmermans. On Friday 3 April the catalogue is presented alongside a performance by Peter Morrens who also takes part in the exhibition. As the title indicates the exhibition focusses on the use of words in art works and thus language and meaning in art. From… Read More

Sara Bomans – Open Studio

On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 December Sara Bomans organises an open studio where you can see and buy her work. Prices start at 1€ but there’s no obligation to buy. Get in touch with Sara on to get her address which is situated close to the train station of Hasselt, Belgium. Open from 2 – 7pm.  

Le film sans fin – La pierre percée

  This summer we filmed the episode ‘La pierre percée’ as part of the ongoing project Le film sans fin by Ollivier Moreels and Jean-Louis Vincendeau and under the heading of AATP (Agence Artistique de Traduction Poétique) near Saint-Nazaire. For this collaboration Sara Bomans wrote a text and made a series of drawings that were integrated in the film. Jean-Louis Vincendeau wrote an accompanying text which you can find in the French version below the film and of which an English translation is soon to follow. Also see the website of Ollivier Moreels… Read More

Sara Bomans in Screening a Collection

Sara Bomans participates in yet another great show. As part of the parallel program of SCREEN IT, the three-annual city exhibition at Hasselt and Genk, she’s presented in Screening a Collection – 54 solo exhibitions and 1 group show at F.O.M.A. For SCREEN IT, Luc Theuwis and Lieve Hardy literally scanned their private collection and brought them together in a video. In addition to a group show, every day one work takes a central place. In 54 days, you get 54 artists, 54 artworks and therefore 54 solo exhibitions. Follow their website for… Read More

Sara Bomans at 5th Luxembourg Art Prize

‘I used to be sexy 5’ 2018 hair drawing / paraffin paper 26,5x32cm This Saturday 28 September the group show of the finalists of the Luxembourg Art Prize opens at the Pinacothèque. Very proud that our own Sara Bomans is one of the 11 finalists nominated for the Prize for which this hair drawing was selected. The laureate will be announced during the opening reception so fingers crossed for Sara this Saturday around 7.30pm. Opening 28 September, 6pm – 9pm Pinacothèque 7 rue Michel Rodange, L-2430 Luxembourg 28 September – 14 December 2019… Read More