BUREAU DOOVE in END – Loving Care and Troupe/troep

For our last publication in Empirical Nonsense Daily of this week, we present two other recent projects. Apart from BOLERO 2021 that’s still on show until 10 April in the Centre André-Malraux and in the streets of Rouen, we organized Loving Care with the large-scale paintings of Pierre Mertens in De Blikfabriek in Antwerp last September-October. And end of January there was the group show Troupe/Troep at ChezKit. Find the page dedicated to these two projects here.

BOLERO 2021 in END – Chloé Elmaleh

In today’s publication in Empirical Nonsense Daily we present Chloé Elmaleh with whom we also worked in Troupe/Troep and is now one of the participants in Bolero 2021. Find here page here. Featured image: Chloé Elmaleh, Tiens toi droite, 2021

Troupe/troep talk during ESADHaR Le Havre-Rouen Open door days

During the online Open door days of ESADHaR Le Havre-Rouen I will give a talk about the Troupe/troep exhibition on Wednesday 10 February at 10 am. You can follow the talk, which will be held in French, via this link (ID 974 912 6932, code 141281). See the full program of the Open door days, that run from Saturday 6 to Friday 12 February, with many excellent contributions by my colleagues, here. Retour sur l’exposition Troupe/troep de Bureau Doove à ChezKit, Pantin avec des diplômés de l’ESADHaR et d’autres artistes, mercredi 10… Read More

BOLERO 2021 in END – Thomas Maestro

For this Sunday’s publication in the Empirical Nonsense Daily we present Thomas Maestro, a young French artist who graduated from ESADHaR Le Havre-Rouen in 2019. Since I selected him for the exhibition ENSEMBLE we have been developing a slow collaboration. It thus made sense to also select him as one of the participants of BOLERO 2021 as well as the upcoming show Troupe/Troep. Find his page in END here. Images: Ce qu’on m’a laissé – zone école, 2019; Ce qu’on m’a laissé – zone atelier, 2019

Troupe/troep at ChezKit – images

  Français à suivre We made it! The group exhibition Troupe/troep has effectively taken place at ChezKit and we couldn’t have been more pleased.  Now it’s a matter of documenting the project on a dedicated page with images of the show, information about the participating artists and accompanying texts. We also intend to publish an (online) book on the project. for now find some first images as well as general information on the show. One of the starting points for the development for this project on chaos and non-linearity, was the photographic… Read More

Troupe/troep à ChezKit

Bonnes nouvelles de fin d’année. Le Bureau Doove est extrêmement heureux d’annoncer son premier projet d’exposition en 2021. Nous sommes aussi particulièrement heureux qu’elle ait lieu chez ChezKit, un atelier et un espace d’exposition géré par des artistes à Pantin, Paris. Troupe/Troep est une exposition collective que l’on pourrait aussi appeler une pièce de théâtre, dans laquelle chaque élément – l’artiste, son travail, la curatrice, l’espace – est un acteur qui est libre de se déplacer. L’un des points de départ du développement de ce projet sur le chaos et la non-linéarité… Read More