Neil Wood – Et toi là, attrape ton étoile

The commission of Neil Wood for the Paris Metro (RATP), a 50 metre mural installation named ‘Eh Toi Là, Attrape Ton Étoile’ located at the Charles de Gaulle Étoile hub station, now also has its official plaque. The text on the plaque reads, translated: A star under the Place de l’Etoile: the work of British artist Neil Wood proposes a random constellation in the heart of the station on a fresco fifty meters long and three meters high. A tribute to the city of lights and the Champs-Elysées, the work makes use of… Read More

Neil Wood

Bureau Doove is happy to announce it is now working with Neil Wood. Wood was born in London and has lived and worked in Brussels and Paris since 1995. His work is an intriguing mixture of short stories, poetry, sound performance, film and photography; tied together with essential common elements such as the typeface Helvetica Neue 77 Bold Condensed and narrative themes and ideas about identity, presence, surface, material symbolism, timelines, memory, cause & effect, sound, rhyme. Wood recently completed a commission for the Paris Metro (RATP) – a 50 metre mural installation named… Read More