Bolero 2021 Stories – Neil Wood

Today’s Bolero 2021 story is that of Neil Wood who decided on an alternative view for his contribution and to turn his newspaper in a horizontal direction.

This work examines the idea of alternative realities and how separate worlds co-habit. 
What is the relationship? What happens when alternative realities are joined by design?
Unlike alternative facts, alternative realities don’t seek any truth competitions, they just co-habit in the physical world, in the human psyche and in human society at large. 
Bolero, with its physical newspaper support, invites a chance confrontation between worlds – in this case a 4 line poem and a page from the Financial Times.

FOXGLOVE is a rap (a Killer Wrap) inspired by the name of the pink flower, set in characteristic inky grey cap letters and juxtaposed over columns of market data.
Thus, an apparently surreal relationship is established whereby the text relates to the cold, hard data of the equity markets – in itself not unused to manipulations. 

And indeed, with a commission, it’s fun to find other common elements: pink flower vs. pink paper F for FOXGLOVE vs. F for FINANCIAL.

Today is officially the last day of Bolero 2021 which can be visited on the square in front of the Centre André Malraux as well as in the rue des Bons Enfants in Rouen. You can make a virtual visit here which includes the archive in the Centre André Malraux.

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