BOLERO 2021 – Digital visit

While the Seine Maritime department, including Rouen, goes through yet another confinement, we are happy to be able to offer you a digital visit of the Bolero project, produced by Octopus. The new additions to the Bolero project remain visible in the public space at the square in front of the Centre André Malraux in the Grand Mare and the rue des Bons Enfants in the centre of Rouen until 10 April 2021. Please follow this link to visit. Find some in situ impressions from the rue des Bons Enfants as well… Read More

BOLERO 2021 in END – Héloïse Marie

In today’s Empirical Nonsense Daily we publish the work of French artist Héloïse Marie. Her visual poems take us on an immersive journey. Find her page here. Featured image: Héloïse Marie, Reprendre (Resume)

Bureau Doove Editions – Héloïse Marie

The new year comes with a new initiative – Bureau Doove Editions will help to publish small editions of artists books up to four times per year. We start with Éternitéencours by Héloïse Marie, a young French artist who’s work I showed in the exhibition Ensemble in 2019. In a play with the relation between human and non-human, Marie retraces the development of a pebble in its environment. It’s launched into its world, living a life that it mainly undergoes. A life in which movement or calm incessantly alternate, leaving the pebble feeling… Read More