BOLERO 2021 – Digital visit

While the Seine Maritime department, including Rouen, goes through yet another confinement, we are happy to be able to offer you a digital visit of the Bolero project, produced by Octopus. The new additions to the Bolero project remain visible in the public space at the square in front of the Centre André Malraux in the Grand Mare and the rue des Bons Enfants in the centre of Rouen until 10 April 2021. Please follow this link to visit. Find some in situ impressions from the rue des Bons Enfants as well… Read More

BOLERO 2021 in END – Driftingspace

Today’s publication in the Empirical Nonsense Daily presents the work of British duo Driftingspace (Sally Hall and Jason Hirons) that I had the pleasure to meet and work with during my time in Plymouth. Ever since my move to France we have been thinking of new ways of collaborating, resulting in the invitation to participate in BOLERO 2021. Their original observation of the cityscape in all its forms and their exploration of inclusivity in education and the arts perfectly adds another important take on this project. Find their contribution to END here.

Driftingspace – Textually Active 5

For their 5th Textally Active project ‘We Can Do IT – A Code for Plymouth’ Driftingspace are calling out for manifestos and proposals. The full text of their call reads as follows: Is there a code for the ideal city? How do we create it? Is such a thing as the ideal city even possible? Is your Utopia my Dystopia? Is my playground your prison? What is democratic space? In your city, where is the Underbelly?  The Salacious? The Salubrious? Where is Toytown Green? The Docks? Where is the Knowledge? Financial Row? This… Read More

Driftingspace and Transforming Moments

Jason Hirons of Driftingspace gave a paper during the recent Transforming Moments conference at the University of Kent on 15-16th January. The conference dealt with notions of Dissonance, Liminality and Action as Learning Experiences. Hirons talked about how Driftingspace offers moments of transformative learning through their critical practice consisting of performance, lectures etc. Find more information about the conference here.

Plymouth Art Weekender coming soon!

 Driftingspace, Mount Wise Shoot As announced earlier Bureau Doove is happy to be part of the upcoming first Plymouth Art Weekender, presenting work by Alison Ballard, Mike Blow and Driftingspace (Sally Hall and Jason Hirons) at the wonderful Devonport Guildhall. The tactile sound sculpture POD (2009) by Alison Ballard and Mike Blow consists of two giant blue inflatables. The speakers inside of these hum and vibrate with pulsing low-frequency sound. Audience members are encouraged to place hands and ears on the inflatable to feel and hear the sounds coming from within. POD… Read More

Plymouth Art Weekender – website now live

We were so excited about it that we were a bit too quick with posting the link to the Plymouth Art Weekender website but it is live now. It very much looks like Plymouth is the place to be end of September so start booking your travel. _______________________________________________________________ We will happily tell you what the sentence in the green means when you support Bureau Doove after clicking this work by Stefaan QUIX  

Plymouth Art Weekender

Very pleased to be part of the first Plymouth Art Weekender on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 September 2015. We will present the installation Pod by Mike BLOW and Alison BALLARD; and films by DRIFTINGSPACE in the gorgeous Devonport Guildhall. More details to follow soon but find our dedicated event page already here.