Plymouth Art Weekender coming soon!

Mount Wise Shoot 1 Driftingspace, Mount Wise Shoot

As announced earlier Bureau Doove is happy to be part of the upcoming first Plymouth Art Weekender, presenting work by Alison Ballard, Mike Blow and Driftingspace (Sally Hall and Jason Hirons) at the wonderful Devonport Guildhall.

The tactile sound sculpture POD (2009) by Alison Ballard and Mike Blow consists of two giant blue inflatables. The speakers inside of these hum and vibrate with pulsing low-frequency sound. Audience members are encouraged to place hands and ears on the inflatable to feel and hear the sounds coming from within. POD uses audio to bring a new meaning and potential to inanimate objects. The sound changes our perception of the objects by creating a new hybrid audio/physical artifact.


The films by Driftingspace explore the new landscape and skyline of Devonport, in the context of the Georgian, Regency, and Victorian architecture it interrelates with. The films are discursive, playful ways of discussing what regeneration means to a part of Plymouth that was once the largest town in Devon, but in recent years has fallen into disrepair, dystrophy, and decay. Today Devonport has regained a sense of pride in its history, and hope in its future, and the films will seek to unpack the myriad narratives that can be seen whilst traveling through the area.

The exhibition is open on Friday 25 September from 11am-4pm and on Saturday 26 September from 10am-4pm. Each day at 2pm the event Let’s Talk consists of public talks with the artists involved in this project.

Devonport Guildhall is easy to reach by public transport from Plymouth City Centre and features an excellent artisan bakery, Column Bakehouse.

Find this event on the Plymouth Art Weekender website where you can also download the map.

With thanks to Devonport Guildhall and The House, Plymouth University.

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