Sara Bomans solo

Spring coincides this year with a long awaited eclectic overview of work by Sara Bomans at Gallery Pinsart, Bruges.

Bomans’ work is explicitly divers, whether in subject matter, material, style or format. She typically executes her work in ongoing series that she publishes in albums on her facebook page: from the series of written and drawn Secret Thoughts, the series of drawings using human hair I Used To Be Sexy, or the wildly flexible pink puppets that are often mounted against a deep blue background of the series Busy Being Born. In the series I Do Not she experiments with colour and texts on small objects and paintings while in the series of maquettes Memories of Houses she imagines the inside of houses she has never visited. In all of them she gleefully plays the role of an outsider and sharp observer, whether of her own body, her immediate environment or the art world.

Conversation for the Empirical Nonsense Project, 2021

20 March – 1 May 2022

Opening Sunday 20 March at 3pm

Gallery Pinsart Genthof 21 8000 Bruges

Fri-Sat-Sun 2-6pm

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