Various: Mike Blow, Sara Bomans and Kerminy

Mike Blow – Aeolus Online Artist Mike Blow and art production company Hogarth Productions have unveiled the virtual sound sculpture ‘Aeolus Online’. Sound artist Mike Blow and art production company Hogarth Productions have recently unveiled an innovative virtual sound sculpture that allows visitors to compose with the sound of winds from all over the world. The piece, Aeolus Online, utilises a digitally rendered mid-20th century index card cabinet with twelve individual drawer compartments, each containing a recording of the wind.  At the start of 2020, as the pandemic began to limit the… Read More

Kerminy opens 27 August 2020

Congratulations to Marina Pirot & Dominique Leroy, the driving forces behind Kerminy: after a wonderfull summer in which many people helped to repair the site, create permaculture installations and the big garden, KERMINY is ready to open. This new place for research residencies around agriculture and art is situated in the west of France, in Rosporden near South Finistère. For the official opening on 27 August there will be local specialities like beers, ciders & DJ TUPUNA for a ker-electro-opening night ! The festivities will take place outside to respect the required distances…. Read More

Kerminy – newsletter

Kerminy is an independently-funded residency, situated in Rosporden, in the west of France, between Quimper, Concarneau and Pont Aven (South-Finistère Sud). It has reopened for the year 2022 since 1 April. Find the latest newsletter here. And note down the planned artistic encounters for this year: FLUXON – Meeting for lute and landscape music from 4 to 17 July PANDORHACK‘s summer university of the forest from 1 to 28 August Kerminy – Poulpidou art centre, December 2020 To stay updated, sign up for their newsletters in English or French here. Set up… Read More