Patchwwwork 2024 Call

Your art at Arts Festival Watou? Arts Festival Watou launched an open call on 10 March 2023. Koen Vanmechelen invites you, as part of Patchwwwork, to spend a few days in Watou during the summer of 2023. The open call is addressed to: The artists selected from this open call will be invited to Patchwwwork. During this three-day encampment, participants will explore how Watou as a village and as a community can connect with the artists and vice versa. After the stay, the artists will be asked to submit a project proposal. From these,… Read More

LASER Talks Brussels – Learning Through Sound

The fifth edition of LASER Talks Brussels took place on Tuesday 29 March at 7pm CET at iMAL – Center for Digital Cultures in Brussels with panelists Aernoudt JACOBS, Katrien KOLENBERG and Mathieu ZUSTRASSEN. You can watch the talk here. LASER Talks Brussels are chaired by Alexandra Dementieva, moderated by Edith Doove and hosted by iMAL. Sound helps us interact with the world and with each other, sonification gives a great possibility to present and analyse data. Space around us is filled with humming, murmuring, reverberating, carrying information. Sound waves can be a means of diagnosing health conditions and of… Read More

Nathalie Hunter at Markt 1, Rumst

For some time now Nathalie Hunter has been exploring ceramics as a medium. But she also remains a fantastic draughtswoman. In a recent series of drawings for the ceramics center Markt 1 in Rumst, Belgium she combines her love for drawing and ceramics. Find her project and Nathalie’s comments on it below: The Markt 1 Ceramic Art Center was created out of a willingness to bring people together. The founders had raised a crazy amount of money in Dec 2018 to help people with ALS disease. This brought such a such strong… Read More

Sunday END: BOLERO in Ankara

It’s Sunday’s END again and today we revisit the BOLERO-project when in 2015 it was shown in Ankara in the art space Torun and Baskent University. On that occsion no less than 11 artists joined the project: Ece Akay, Onur Kutluoğlu, Seval Sener, Umut Şumnu, Mert Acar, Erin İlkcan Aslan, Mert Batırbaygil, İpek Cınar and Gözde Çökl from Turkey as well as the Dutch artists Jerome and Roeki Symons. Find their contributions here.

Sunday END: BOLERO in Genk, Belgium

Today Sunday’s END brings the BOLERO-project back to its country of origin and the city of Genk. In 2012 it was part of the parallel projects of Manifesta 9 and was shown in the TVL café/library. For that occasion five more artists joined: Mulugeta Gebrikan, Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir, Maryam Najd, Aimé Ntakiyika and Jakub Rehak. You can find their contributions here.

Sunday END: BOLERO in Dortmund

For this Sunday’s issue of Empirical Nonsense Daily, the BOLERO project returns to Europe when it was shown in Galerie Voss in Dortmund. For that occassion the artists Horst LINN, Jobst TILMANN and Elly VALK-VERHEIJEN joined. See their contributions here.

Sunday END: BOLERO in Bangalore (India)

Today’s issue of Empirical Nonsense Daily (END) reports about BOLERO’s visit to Bangalore in 2011. There it was shown at 1 Shantiroad studio/gallery while artists Siddharta DAS & Catherine MACLEAN, Sofie HAESAERTS, Suresh JAYARAM, Ravi SHAH, Uday SHANBAG and Chinnan VINOD. Uday SHANBAG and Sofie HAESAERTS curated the project on this occassion. Find their contributions here.  

Sunday Empirical Nonsense Daily: BOLERO in Addis Abeba

  Like every Sunday until the end of July 2021, today’s issue of the Empirical Nonsense Daily (END) is dedicated to the newspaper art project BOLERO. We revisit the first international exhibition that took place in 2010 at the Laphto Complex of the Old Airport in Addid Abeba, Ethiopia. The curator of this exhibition was Leo Kosm (Lefort) and the participating, Ethiopian artists were Behailu Bezabih, Bekele Mekonnen, Eshetu Tiruneh, Bisrat Shibabaw and Nuru Abegaz. The invitation consisted of the cover of De Standaard that was also used for the so-called 0-edition… Read More

Alexandra Dementieva in Empirical Nonsense Daily

In today’s edition of the Empirical Nonsense Daily (END) we’re excited to present the latest work by Alexandra Dementieva, A capella singing (we are never alone). Dementieva is mainly interested in social psychology and perception and their application in multimedia interactive installations. During lockdown she saw herself confronted with lots of time and isolation which led her to develop this tongue-in-cheek series of four short videos. In these she creates several doppelgangers to explore the possibilities of creating rhythm, maybe a melody and train her memory. In addition Dementieva also created the… Read More

Bolero, an international art project on the move

It’s my immense pleasure to announce that I’ve been asked to be the curator of the 10th-anniversary edition of the nomadic project Bolero, an international art project on the move. Named after Ravel’s musical composition for its accelerating movement (here in my favourite version by Frank Zappa), the project was initiated in 2010 by the artists Frank JMA Castelyns, Willo Gonnissen, Pierre Mertens and Mulugeta Tafesse as an answer to an ever more global art world. The principles have always been very simple, travelling light in a suitcase with relatively little means…. Read More