Rentrée – Return

For this year’s ‘Rentrée’ – or return to usual business, Bureau Doove starts in new premises and with an updated look. The desk is still ‘chaotic’ – full of projects, but now also has a view and is definitely based in Saint-Nazaire, France. While Bureau Doove is ready to develop new projects, the artists of the Bureau are active as ever:

Anne-Marie Maes shows her installation ‘BEE AGENCY’ in the group exhibition ECO-VISIONARIES at HeK Basel (Haus der electronischen Künste/House of Electronic Art)

HeK is dedicated to digital culture and the new art forms of the information age. It is a place for creative and critical discourse on the aesthetic, socio-political and economic impact of media technologies.
In the groupsshow ECO-VISIONARIES, the artists research how new media, technologies and technology-scientific methods are used in the arts to draw attention to pressing ecological issues. What visionary projects and ideas are emerging to tackle climate change, food shortage and resource depletion? Which solutions are worth pursuing? ECO-VISIONARIES presents artistic responses to current challenges, whereby some of the new works were created for the context of the exhibition. The exhibition shows how new media and technologies are used, not only to draw attention to ecological problems, but also to develop visionary solutions.

ECO-VISIONARIES runs until to 11/11/2018
Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel
Freilager-Platz 9
CH-4142 Münchenstein / BaselWednesday – Sunday 12-18pm

Maes will also take part in
Bio-art Society Finland, 16/9/2018 – 23/9/2018

Field_Notes is an art&science field laboratory at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in Lapland/Finland. Five groups work for one week in the sub-Arctic Lapland to develop, test and evaluate specific interdisciplinary approaches in relation to the notion of Ecology of Senses. The aim is to engage with the inner and outer landscapes, create field experiments, find and establish test sites, set up observatories and excavations. We will breath, smell, taste, touch, listen and walk with open eyes as well as install the sensors brought with us or made on site.

Pascale Weber (Hantu) will be showing her film The Breakwater – Dancing a Line in the Sound that was created in Plymouth, during the event ‘3 du TROIS’ that takes place every 3rd day of of the month at the Centre de Création Choreographique Luxembourgois. Find more info here. In this case it forms part of the exhibition No Man’s Land – Natural Spaces, Testing Grounds at Mudam Luxembourg.

Sanctuarization is one of the frequent responses to ecological concerns about natural territories: the desired solution as such, but also one which results from effects induced by military or political situations. These situations, which aim to regulate the impact of the human presence on our planet, strongly modify our cultural imagination. The exhibition No Man’s Land brings together around fifteen artists who have outlined a field of study related to this issue and whose work invites us to re-examine our relationship with the natural world.

She will also take part in the closing event ‘Supergreen Sunday‘ of the exhibition on 9 September. At 2pm that day the film The Drift by Hantu Pascale Weber & Jean Delsaux) will be shown, while Pascale will give a guided tour through the exhibition at 4pm. Find more info here.

More soon.

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