AnneMarie Maes in Empirical Nonsense Daily

Today’s edition of the Empirical Nonsense Daily presents the project ElbBienen by AnneMarie Maes. In 2019, Dirck Möllman, Hamburg’ city curator, invited AnneMarie Maes for his Urban Art project the Hamburg Maschine(Hamburg Machine), which draws on topics as: ‘What functions can art in future public space have?’ and ‘What meaning will art obtain in a technological society?” The work of AnneMarie Maes fits perfectly to make a complex city feasible and graspable as a machinical  texture. She visualizes and exemplifies these big questions and gives them an artistic materiality enhanced by modern technology. Her work makes abstract… Read More

AnneMarie Maes – L’Origine du Monde at STARTS

  L’Origine du Monde is an artistic representation of the research by AnneMarie Maes into the possibilities of cyanobacteria and algae as sources for renewable energy, pollution sensors and novel biodegradable materials. The living sculpture shows a strongly enlarged bacterial chain made from glass cells. Every cell is filled with cyanobacteria producing photosynthesis in real time. Together they form a complex microbial population that communicates via quorum sensing and reduces CO2 emission whilst producing oxygen and biopolymers. L’Origine du Monde was created during a STARTS residency with the Hybrid Forms Laboratorium at the Vrije… Read More

AnneMarie Maes at Centre Wallonie Bruxelles|Paris

Disrupted Sensations’ – composition of 16 lightboxes with Sensorial Skins and Scanning Electron Micrographs (120cm x 120cm); ‘L’origine du Monde’ – objects in transformation, organic materials (boxes, 15cm x 15cm x 15cm) AnneMarie Maes shows her installation Sensorial Skin at the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles|Paris. Sensorial Skin is a bio-art installation focusing on the tactility of organic materials, visually appealing natural colors and subtle fragrances, in which the different components combine to make the work an experience to be apprehended on several levels. It is is a question of microbiology, a world in which microorganisms… Read More

Leroy – Maes – Walker

Some combined news on exhibitions and presentations in the upcoming two weeks. On Saturday evening 28 September the organisation (n) of Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot presents Champs d’écoutes / Fields of Listening. Listening experiences proposed by Antoine Freychet, Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot are realised on the basis of audio captations, plunges into the worked fields of the market gardening site. This is followed by a presentation of “Fordlandia“, the sound piece by Florence Jou and Dominique Leroy that was published earlier this year and that takes us to the Amazone, the banks… Read More

AnneMarie Maes at UN/GREEN, Riga

The 2019 RIXC Festival at Riga, Latvia aims at complicating the pervasively employed notion of “green” by providing a cross-disciplinary platform for the discussions and artistic interventions exploring one of the most paradoxical and broadest topics of our times. The festival will feature the UN/GREEN exhibition opening that takes place in the Latvian National Museum of Art, and the 4th Open Fields conference which aims to ‘un-green’ greenness, eco-systemically reconnect post-human postures, and discover and unpack ‘Naturally Artificial Intelligences.’ AnneMarie Maes participates with the installation ‘Sensorial Skin for an Intelligent Guerrilla Beehive’ and with… Read More

AnneMarie Maes – Elbe Bees project in Hamburg

Today the unique Elbe Bees project by AnneMarie Maes was officially opened in Hamburg. After a ‘walk-in procession’ by a bee swarm this will live for 14 months in the beehive installed up the pillars in the port of Hamburg, close to a wild nature domain at Entenwerder 1. A digitally fabricated living sculpture is standing on top of 6m high pillars in the port of Hamburg. A similar sculpture is positioned on a rooftop in Brussels. Both sculptures host honeybee colonies and will be in communication with each other. The hives… Read More

ALCHIMIA NOVA – AnneMarie Maes solo at n0dine projectroom Brussels

AnneMarie Maes creates objects with a range of biological, digital and traditional media, including bacteria and other organisms. The Alchimia Nova-works were generated out of the interstice between nature, art and science. They make the invisible visible. She creates with a range of biological, digital and traditional media, including bacteria and other organisms. The choice of materials is a primary aspect of her artworks. The physical and aesthetic features of the materials she works with determine the forms of the individual sculptures, objects or textiles. In my practice, the concept of making… Read More

AnneMarie Maes in Seoul

As announced earlier (see post) AnneMarie Maes currently takes part in the group exhibition Brussels in SongEun: Imagining Cities Beyond Technology 2.0 at SEAS // SongEun ArtSpace in Seoul. The show opens today and Maes shows the bio-art installation Future Archaeology with which she presents artistic research results from her Laboratory for Form and Matter.  In this Cabinet of Curiosities every object is the outcome of a particular experiment, with the focus on the transformative power of bacteria. The images below show the actual installation and lay out. 1. Golden Beehive (modelled after an Eucalyptus seedpod with… Read More

AnneMarie Maes in Milan and Seoul

This week AnneMarie Maes takes part in the Milano Digital Week with a presentation of a version of her Guerilla Beehive. In the exhibition that is curated by the Joint Research Center of the EU, Maes was chosen as a representative of the project Resonance II that took place in 2017. Her installation can be seen at the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti at the Piazza dei Mercanti in Milan until 17 March. Find more information (in Italian) here. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Glossa + Stimuli (2016, lightboxes 1060mm x 720mm each) – Scanning Electron Micrographs, tongue of… Read More

AnneMarie Maes and Hantu in Portugal

AnneMarie Maes is taking part in the exhibition For a Brave New Brussels. Lab01 Artistic vs Technocentric approaches on Smart Cities which officially opens tonight at the MAAT Museum in Lisbon. Featuring 9 installations and 2 in situ creations by artists who live and work in Brussels, the show is organised on the occasion of the visit of their Majesties the King and Queen of Belgium to Portugal.  The works on show each invite the spectator to think critically about the future role of artists in contemporary cities and the potential for a dialogue between the arts… Read More