AnneMarie Maes in Empirical Nonsense Daily


Today’s edition of the Empirical Nonsense Daily presents the project ElbBienen by AnneMarie Maes.

In 2019, Dirck Möllman, Hamburg’ city curator, invited AnneMarie Maes for his Urban Art project the Hamburg Maschine(Hamburg Machine), which draws on topics as: ‘What functions can art in future public space have?’ and ‘What meaning will art obtain in a technological society?” The work of AnneMarie Maes fits perfectly to make a complex city feasible and graspable as a machinical  texture. She visualizes and exemplifies these big questions and gives them an artistic materiality enhanced by modern technology. Her work makes abstract thinking sensible and perceptible for the public with a high artistic quality in order to create a place for discussion, contemplation and reflection of socio-technological issues.

ElbBienen is a research project on the edge of art and science. Find the publication in END with more information and images here.

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