Dominique Leroy in “3 Collectioneurs #9”

This Saturday 26 March at 4pm opens the show “3 Collectioneurs #9” For this 9th edition of the 3 Collectors, Été 78 has invited Diane & Baudouin Delvaulx, Belgian collectors, and Pascal Joseph, French collector, to present some works from their collections. As last year, they invited themselves as the 3rd collector. This will be an opportunity to discover works by Brognon Rollin, Aleksandra Chaushova, Claude Closky, Natalie Czech, Cyprien Gaillard, Marine Hugonnier, Sven’t Jolle, Olga Kisseleva, Kolkoz, Laura Lamiel, Caroline Le Méhauté, Dominique Leroy, Adrian Melis, Anne Neukamp and Katie Paterson…. Read More

Leroy – Maes – Walker

Some combined news on exhibitions and presentations in the upcoming two weeks. On Saturday evening 28 September the organisation (n) of Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot presents Champs d’écoutes / Fields of Listening. Listening experiences proposed by Antoine Freychet, Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot are realised on the basis of audio captations, plunges into the worked fields of the market gardening site. This is followed by a presentation of “Fordlandia“, the sound piece by Florence Jou and Dominique Leroy that was published earlier this year and that takes us to the Amazone, the banks… Read More

Fordlandia – Florence Jou & Dominique Leroy

In a follow-up of our earlier post of 8 March, we can now announce that the collaborative sound project Fordlandia by Florence Jou & Dominique Leroy is available on wav + mp3. You can buy it for just 5 euros at the Editions Jou website via this page on which you can also listen to an excerpt. —————————————————————- 1928. Henri Ford embarks on intensive rubber mining. To clear a million hectares of forest, in the Amazon, on the banks of Rio Tapajós, to plant rubber trees, and to build a factory city,… Read More

Call: Agrilab – the landscape at work

From 25 – 29 June 2019, the association (n) led by Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot, designers of collaborative projects related to landscapes, will organize the so-called Agrilab meetings. These meetings will take place on an agri-cultural site of 6 hectares on the outskirts of Nantes, with organic vegetable growers, equipped with a nomadic workshop, a greenhouse for workshops, meals and various light structures. Agrilab meetings are seen as times of interaction between art/science/landscape practices to understand and share the ecological richness of the place, its estuarine and peri-urban context. It is about… Read More

Florence Jou and Dominique Leroy – Fordlandia

1928. Henri Ford embarks on intensive rubber mining. To clear a million hectares of forest, in the Amazon, on the banks of Rio Tapajós, to plant rubber trees, and to build a factory city, a utopian city, with school, hospital, dancing… The project was a real failure, Ford never exploited rubber. 2018. Florence Jou discovers the history of Fordlandia during an exhibition and round tables organized by the collective Suspended Spaces at the Colonie in Paris. She writes a poetic survey based on testimonies, anecdotes, observed gestures, readings… She proposes Dominique Leroy… Read More

Dominique Leroy – Sediments

Until 7pm this evening. Submarine basis, Saint-Nazaire Instants Fertiles #6

Dominique Leroy – Instants Fertiles #6 & Mike Blow – Residence #1

  For the Festival Instants Fertiles #6 Dominique Leroy realizes the sound and ‘eco-transduction’ SEDIMENTS in the submarine base in Saint-Nazaire. SEDIMENTS is an ongoing creative research that takes the form of installations in the landscape, performances, documents, and workshops. The sound installation for the submarine base is made on the basis of data collected by the GIP-Loire-Estuaire (variables and movements of the Loire captured in November 2017). Partners : DRAC/SCAM/SNhack & n/GIP-Loire Estuaire. With the help of Marina Pirot and Jef Rolez. The Festival is organised by Theatre Athenor. The installation… Read More

Wattignies Social Club / Dominique Leroy

We are extremely excited to partner up with Wattignies Social Club/Ilotopia in Nantes with whom we currently work on a new project for 2019. This unique place in the heart of the Isle de Nantes, located in a former garage, is a real hub for developing new ideas around art and society. It has special attention for socially engaged projects and not only works with artists and scientists, but also with the unemployed, migrants, managers that seek sense and committed citizens. Its “deliciously messy” way of working connects very well to our… Read More

Hulsmans, Walker, Bomans, Roes, Leroy

September already turns out to be a busy month with various exhibitions and talks by Bureau Doove-artists: Peter Hulsmans is presenting new work at after>> in Antwerp under the title ‘2 pages’, opening this Friday 14 September at 6pm and running until 30 September. Also this Friday, Sara Bomans and Remco Roes will be taking part in the group show Dem Philosoph ist nichts zu doof (For the Philosopher nothing is too crazy) at Atelierhof Kreuzberg in Berlin. Opening Friday 14 September at 6pm and running until 28 September. Info This Saturday Anna Walker takes part in… Read More

Perma-culture, Intermission, Summerlab & Translations

It’s been a while, mainly due to some very busy activities, amongst others end of June a visiting trip to perma-culture gardeners in Orleans, Blois and Tours in view of a potential project about which more is to follow. Simultaneously Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot started the Intermission project in Nantes and Bougenais – see some pictures of the opening weekend below. This is currently followed by their residency at KRA in the Czech Republic and next month in California. For more info (in French) on their whereabouts see this link. This was… Read More