Leroy, Maes, Hulsmans and Ara

Some news about the current activities of some BD artists plus an important teaser at the end. Dominique Leroy at La Méridienne, Lunéville Dominique Leroy is showing his poetic sonic installation Jardin nô at Theatre La Méridienne in Lunéville (near Nancy). First shown at the Galerie RDV in Nantes this installation refers to the traditional Japanese theatre. This kinetic garden is composed of interlacing vegetals and small mechanics on recycled hard disks that rub, scratch and hit to create a sound that reminds of insects. This sculpture is activated by a series… Read More

Dominique Leroy in Modulation

  This weekend Dominique Leroy takes part in the project Modulation, 24 hours of micro-radio in the mountains of the Hautes-Alpes region in France. A radio studio is mounted in open air and transmits locally over one square kilometre. During 24 hours, artists connect to the antenna to produce live experimental music, sound poetry and radiophonic art. Modulation proposes a unique radio experience in the spirit of the micro radios developed by Tetsuo Kogawadans in Japan in the eighties. The idea is to work with the medium of radio on a reduced… Read More

Dominique Leroy in Circuit

As an artist Dominique Leroy also works in the world of theatre and dance. Circuit – the new creation of French choreograph David Rolland is an immersive sensorial experience for one spectator. Guided by a haunting soundtrack through a mobile architecture designed by Dominique Leroy, the spectator wanders around shadow dancers on the trajectory of a real or imagined partner. She projects herself into an artist’s life, imagines looking at a work from behind the scenes, gains confidence and dares a careful movement. In this abstract phantasmagoria, the warm voice of David… Read More

Dominique Leroy at Process Youpi

  During his micro residency “Process YOUPI”, the shortest artistic residency in the world initiated by STATIONS SERVICES, Dominique Leroy has developed his SU(n)EATER to provide warm water via solar heating for his (n)A nomadic atelier. Find a dossier on the SU(n)EATER here and more news on his new website here SU(n)EATER is part of the group exhibition “Process YOUPI” opening Wednesday 7 June. The exhibition runs until 15 July. Maison du Développement Durable (Sustainable Development)  – Espace Diderot 50, Rue de Château de Rezé, 44400 Rezé (near Nantes) Tues 2-6pm, Wed 10am-1pm and 2-7pm,… Read More

Dominique Leroy in Chèques vaca(n)ces

Bureau Doove is extremely happy to work again with Dominique Leroy after an interval of 12 years. We first collaborated for the Triennial Super! in Hasselt for which he developed the mobile sound project Dynamomap. Today Leroy is based in Nantes where he works amongst others in his mobile ‘caravan-lab’. His work is a subtle interplay between sound and vibrations of natural phenomena (weather data, natural cycles, bioacoustics …) DIY open source digital electronics (sensors and mini-computers, pure data patches, small speakers), recycled architecture and designs that stimulate communities to work together… Read More