Perma-culture, Intermission, Summerlab & Translations

It’s been a while, mainly due to some very busy activities, amongst others end of June a visiting trip to perma-culture gardeners in Orleans, Blois and Tours in view of a potential project about which more is to follow.

Simultaneously Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot started the Intermission project in Nantes and Bougenais – see some pictures of the opening weekend below. This is currently followed by their residency at KRA in the Czech Republic and next month in California. For more info (in French) on their whereabouts see this link.

This was followed by Ping’s Summerlab which this year visited Saint-Nazaire from 7-11 July. Based in the School of Art this resulted in some days of inspiring slow-paced development, observations and conversations around the theme of Récits Nature (Tales of Nature) between various artists and other practioners, amongst which Dominique Leroy, Jean-Francois Rolez, Jerome Joy and Regine Fertillet. Luc Babin made some filmic impressions of these days which can be seen via this link (in French). And you can find some interviews with participants via this link (also in French).

Main work has also gone into BD’s translation department in order to independently support our cultural activities in the future. This is what we will be mostly concentrating on until end of August/beginning of September when we hope to give you more news about the residencies and other ongoing projects. For now all best wishes and enjoy the sun wherever you are.

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