Translation lies at the heart of Bureau Doove’s activities. It not only enables the organisation of various art related activities, but is also seen as a way to open up art to a wider or different audience.

Translations are from English, French and German into Dutch; from Dutch, French and German into English. Edith Doove has translated numerous publications on art and architecture for amongst others the Archives d’Architecture Moderne, Fondation pour l’Architecture, Brussels and FRAC Nord Pas du Calais, France (2003-2012) as well as various artists such as Mira Sanders, Cédric Noël and Kristof Vrancken. She can deliver texts and translations related to art, architecture, culture, history, marketing, and philosophy.

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For a full overview of published texts written by Edith Doove see here.

Image: Edith Doove, Stream, n.d.


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