Call: Agrilab – the landscape at work


From 25 – 29 June 2019, the association (n) led by Dominique Leroy and Marina Pirot, designers of collaborative projects related to landscapes, will organize the so-called Agrilab meetings. These meetings will take place on an agri-cultural site of 6 hectares on the outskirts of Nantes, with organic vegetable growers, equipped with a nomadic workshop, a greenhouse for workshops, meals and various light structures.

Agrilab meetings are seen as times of interaction between art/science/landscape practices to understand and share the ecological richness of the place, its estuarine and peri-urban context. It is about exploring this site “in transition” from your own creative practices “in transition” (experimental art, eco-creation, practices by agency, new modes of transmission,…) to meet this agricultural site.

Your creative proposals will question various forms of knowledge (positive, scientific, technical, experiments) on this agricultural site, and will aim to regenerate the visions and representations of this type of “landscape at work” in its various scales.
Your projects of “re-connection to the backgrounds” will challenge the art of agriculture, gestures, postures, tools, and types of perceptions at work in this worked landscape.

The meetings are open to all disciplines and all. “Experts” and “non-experts” are invited to contribute in the form of presentations, workshops, walks, readings, performances…

For logistical reasons a maximum of 20 participants will be welcomed on site each day except Saturday 29 June which will be a restitution day open to the public. Two evenings are proposed during this week: Friday evening 28 June, an “open stage” for participants to share a proposal in public; Saturday evening 29 June, a programme of presentations, performances, video screenings, etc., will also be open to everyone.

Registration is done via an on-line form, requiring a minimum of 2 consecutive days of attendance at the Agrilab meetings, no payment or public presentation is required. Each participant proposes a workshop, a presentation or an exploration of their current research; the projects, concepts born from meetings between participants, can be presented to the group.


Agrilab operates on the basis of free exchange between participants (peer-to-peer), meetings are organised without funding, without subsidies. The association (n) installs a minimum infrastructure on site (dry toilets, mobile kitchen, barbecue, electricity, video projector and other multimedia devices…). Each participant is equipped with his or her work equipment. Autonomy, self-organization, collective intelligence and group work regarding on-site organization, meals, accommodation will be appreciated!

Agrilab is organised in partnership with Transtechnology Research.


From Tuesday 25 to Saturday 29 June 2019 (registration on minimum 2 consecutive days via this link)


Chez les maraîchers des Couets, 47 ter rue Jules Vallès, Bouguenais-les-Couëts – 44
(access: ring road Nantes Sud, exit n° 50, or bus n° 98 stop Jules Vallès or Tram 3 stop Trocardière).

Find more info here.

Greenhouse on the Couëts site
Atelier “Soil pollution” with the association PING on the Couëts site in 2018.
View of a sound walk organised by (n) and the poet Florence Jou, Bouguenais Les Couëts (44).

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