AnneMarie Maes in Seoul

As announced earlier (see post) AnneMarie Maes currently takes part in the group exhibition Brussels in SongEun: Imagining Cities Beyond Technology 2.0 at SEAS // SongEun ArtSpace in Seoul.

The show opens today and Maes shows the bio-art installation Future Archaeology with which she presents artistic research results from her Laboratory for Form and Matter.  In this Cabinet of Curiosities every object is the outcome of a particular experiment, with the focus on the transformative power of bacteria.

The images below show the actual installation and lay out.



1. Golden Beehive (modelled after an Eucalyptus seedpod with wax made by Honeybees)
2. Glossa (Scanning Electron Micrograph of Honeybee Tongue, 150x magnified)
3. Stimulus (Scanning Electron Micrograph of Fine Dust Particle, 3500x magnified)
4. Assembled Microbial Skins (natural)
5. Assembled Microbial Skins (colored with vegetal dyes / Hibiscus, Cochineal)
6. Belly (model for an Intelligent Guerrilla Beehive, frame with comb build by Honeybees, 3D printed skeleton)
7. Turtle (cellulose skin grown by bacteria and dried in 3D milled form)
8. Pollution Sensors (color changing & pollution sensitive bacteria on microbial skin medium)
9. Algae Generator
10. Algae, Stones, Microbial Skin, Hemp Fibers
11. Beads made from Honey, Wax & Propolis
12. Bioplastic made from algae, bacterial sensor indicating the fine dust pollution (in the ball)
13. 2 Lightboxes with colored cellulose, grown by Bacteria
14. Video scanning organic matter – made with microscope
15. Cases with a series of Intelligent Guerrilla Beehive models made from different materials


The exhibition runs until 08.06.2019
SongEun Art Space
6 Apgujeong-ro 75-gil
Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, South Korea

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