Fordlandia – Florence Jou & Dominique Leroy


In a follow-up of our earlier post of 8 March, we can now announce that the collaborative sound project Fordlandia by Florence Jou & Dominique Leroy is available on wav + mp3.

You can buy it for just 5 euros at the Editions Jou website via this page on which you can also listen to an excerpt.


1928. Henri Ford embarks on intensive rubber mining. To clear a million hectares of forest, in the Amazon, on the banks of Rio Tapajós, to plant rubber trees, and to build a factory city, a utopian city, with school, hospital, dancing… The project was a real failure, Ford never exploited rubber.

2018. Florence Jou discovers the history of Fordlandia during an exhibition and round tables organized by the collective Suspended Spaces at the Colonie in Paris. She writes a poetic survey based on testimonies, anecdotes, observed gestures, readings… She proposes Dominique Leroy to co-create a sound piece.

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