Dominique Leroy – Instants Fertiles #6 & Mike Blow – Residence #1

Instants Fertiles


For the Festival Instants Fertiles #6 Dominique Leroy realizes the sound and ‘eco-transduction’ SEDIMENTS in the submarine base in Saint-Nazaire.

SEDIMENTS is an ongoing creative research that takes the form of installations in the landscape, performances, documents, and workshops. The sound installation for the submarine base is made on the basis of data collected by the GIP-Loire-Estuaire (variables and movements of the Loire captured in November 2017).


Partners : DRAC/SCAM/SNhack & n/GIP-Loire Estuaire. With the help of Marina Pirot and Jef Rolez. The Festival is organised by Theatre Athenor.

The installation can be visited on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 November from 10am-7pm at the submarine base, next to the bassin on the right of LIFE, in the alveoles 12A/12B.



Colony_bluedot web

Mike Blow will visit Nantes and Saint-Nazaire on this occassion for the first Bureau Doove micro-residency from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 November. During this time Blow will explore Saint-Nazaire and make sound recordings. We will also work on the collaboration with Wattignies Social Club. The micro-residencies are used to develop and discuss work over time during short periods of time.

Watch this space for a report during the weekend.


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