Alexandra Dementieva in Projection, Projections at UNLOCQ53, Brussels

The 7th exhibition at UNLOCQ53, Projection, Projections shows the work of Alexandra Dementieva (B), Anna Frants (USA), Marin Kasimir (D) and Emilio Lopez-Menchero (E).

The word “projection” of Latin origin has many meanings and is used in many areas.

No psychology, geometry or cartography without projection, no cinema hall, no discotheque and today no museum without projection.

Nor is there any exhibition of contemporary art any more without projection, in all states, in all ways, on all possible image carriers and for all reasons (… ).

Emilio Lopez-Menchero, Trying to be Gagarin, 2015

Probably the most direct projection in this exhibition is that of a documentary video of a performance on a wall in a darkened room. The same artist projects himself into other people, in this case Gagarin and Rasputin.

Alexandra Dementieva, Inland Wonderland, 2022

There is no greater cinema than the one in which you close your eyes and immerse yourself in your dreams.
This is not the case in the helmet on display here. With eyes wide open, the audience alone is immersed in the interior of another brain whose course of events we can change.

Anna Frants, Jumping Jacks, 2009

Antique projections like an animated frieze whose supports, three vases, remain immobile.
Paraolympic and black and white, perpetuum immobili , these athletic warriors run a marathon at a standstill without advancing.

Marin Kasimir, The Architect, 2022

And finally, the flattening of reality, a reality that is around us, around the panoramic camera. A multitude of small holes in the thick concrete wall of a modernist church act as projectors. At a certain time of day, and provided that the sun is shining clear and bright, this star map projects bright, curved lines onto the opposite walls. In this way, the panorama shows both the projector and the projected, as well as cause and effect, simultaneously and on one and the same level, without hierarchy.

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