BOLERO 2021 in END

Today we publish all the new contributions to BOLERO 2021 in Empirical Nonsense Daily. Find the page here. You can visit the exhibition virtually via this link.

More about the stories behind every contribution next week.

From top left: Willo Gonnissen, Thomas Maestro, Pierre Mertens, Neil Wood, Mulugeta Tafesse, Miguel Angel Molina, Marielou Perez, Jean-Louis Vincendeau, Jason Karaïndros, Héloïse Marie, Hantu, Gaspard Lieb, Frank JMA Castelyns, Driftingspace, Dominique De Beir, Chloé Elmaleh/Marcos Uriondo, Béatrice Cussol

Featured image: Willo Gonnissen

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