Archive – Zjos Meyvis in Parbleu and new exhibition at BREED

Now almost 29 years ago Belgian artist Zjos Meyvis put an enormous tree in the exhibition space of Parbleu. On that occasion I wrote the following text: Zjos Meyvis (Kruibeke, 1950) prefers to work with natural materials, in and with nature. The constant here is to bind and especially to connect. It becomes a ritual in itself: repeating connections over and over again. It is the natural execution of an age-old principle, as a counterbalance to “a time in which connections are made with satellites and fibre optic cables”. His sculptures are… Read More

Archive – Jean De Groote in Parbleu

In November 1990, almost at the beginning of his career, Jean De Groote exhibited at Parbleu his project “Chair in Time II – No Observer – No Object”. The first part had been shown in the Triennial for Contemporary Art ‘Van Stof tot Asse’, organised by Jan De Smedt. Just as in the first part a chair played a central part, but it could have been any other object. It was a way to explore spatiality and representation. As I wrote at the time: Observation keeps fascinating De Groote. Observation is not… Read More

Archive – “Il faut cultiver notre jardin…”, Johan Rottiers and company at Parbleu

  In autum 1992 we organised an in my view still very topical installation by the Belgian artist Johan Rottiers in collaboration with the garden architects Koen Janssens and Patrick ‘t Hooft as well as artist Georges Uittenhout. Together they considered the gallery space as a possible garden for the artist and a starting point to ask questions about the role of the artist and art in society, the role of artistic activity for the artist, the meaning of producing art, the meaning of exhibiting in a (non-commercial) space as Parbleu, the… Read More

Archive – Marc Schepers at Parbleu

In the summer of 1991 I invited Marc Schepers, artist and owner with Leen Derks of Ruimte Morguen, to exhibit at my former exhibition space Parbleu in Antwerp. It’s seemingly only by chance that his exhibition is the first in this series on my attempt to construct/restructure the extensive archive of my exhibitions over the last 33 years. The subject and images of the exhibition have however an eerie resonance with the current times through their reflection on the type of the hermit and the empty space of the gallery in which… Read More