Jean De Groote: In de stilte van de dingen

I wrote a short text for this publication on the work of the Belgian artist Jean De Groote with whom I made a show in 1990. The title can be translated as In the quiet of things. Jean De Groote is a Belgian artist (° 1955) who creates works from a status of isolation and deep contemplation. They tell the story of an artist who seeks silence. Almost a hermit, searching for the essence of things after they have gained their value over time here on earth and thus earned a place… Read More

Archive – Jean De Groote in Parbleu

In November 1990, almost at the beginning of his career, Jean De Groote exhibited at Parbleu his project “Chair in Time II – No Observer – No Object”. The first part had been shown in the Triennial for Contemporary Art ‘Van Stof tot Asse’, organised by Jan De Smedt. Just as in the first part a chair played a central part, but it could have been any other object. It was a way to explore spatiality and representation. As I wrote at the time: Observation keeps fascinating De Groote. Observation is not… Read More