Archive – “Il faut cultiver notre jardin…”, Johan Rottiers and company at Parbleu


t01 uitnodiging

In autum 1992 we organised an in my view still very topical installation by the Belgian artist Johan Rottiers in collaboration with the garden architects Koen Janssens and Patrick ‘t Hooft as well as artist Georges Uittenhout. Together they considered the gallery space as a possible garden for the artist and a starting point to ask questions about the role of the artist and art in society, the role of artistic activity for the artist, the meaning of producing art, the meaning of exhibiting in a (non-commercial) space as Parbleu, the meaning of a collaborative project. Which they thus basically ‘answered’ open-endedly with Voltaire’s famous phrase “Il faut cultiver notre jardin…”.


Find the dedicated page to this exhibition here.

Please note: I am trying to find photos made during this and other exhibitions I curated as most of my own material is lost – please contact me if you have anything that I could add to the archive. Thank you.

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