Joy and Vrancken

Bureau Doove is extremely happy to welcome two new artists in its team – the French artist Jérôme Joy and the Belgian artist Kristof Vrancken make art that in its willfulness connects perfectly with the way we work.

Jérôme Joy is a French composer born in Nantes (1961) who has been active on the international experimental music scene (electronic, improvised, instrumental and networked) since the beginning of the eighties. He is the co-founder of Projet Neuf in Saint-Nazaire as well as other on-going and past projects and music ensembles (qwat, snplimcnepup, locus sonus, etc.).He enjoys collaborating with other musicians, artists and filmmakers as he feels that making, experiencing and discovering together is essential in art.

Recently he composed Rouages #3, an electro-acoustic work on a text by and with the voice of Jean-Pierre Suaudeau as part of Rouages with other sound works by Sarah Clénet and Sylvie Noël. These were broadcasted through eight loudspeakers on the site of the Forges de Trignac and commission by Belle Industrielle for the European Heritage. You can find a link to Rouages #3 here.

For NEM EXPERIENCE he realised an installation of 20 electrical guitars in feedback and a performance with other musicians (Sarah Clénet, Bruno Lemaitre, Sylvie Noël; all members of the NEM/ Nouvel Endroit Musical /) at the Salle Jacques Brel in Saint-Nazaire, just before its demolition to celebrate and keep in memory the very special acoustic effect of this huge, 80mx20m room. (In collaboration with Projet Neuf and with an artistic bursary by the Ville de Saint-Nazaire, 2018).

In 2016 Joy exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris with David Ryan in the exhibition Nothing at All. On this occasion he performed for 6 hours with an ad-hoc ensemble he titled Ecco Ecco Ecco Ecco (with Christophe Havard, Joy, Keith Rowe, Anthony Taillard), as part of the Happy Sapiens-season (with Michel Houellebecq, Mika Rottenberg, Marguerite Humeau, David Ryan & Jérôme Joy, Ayoung Kim, Dineo Seshee Bopape).

Upcoming is Aquarius, a film-music performance with Elvira Martinez-Sanchez, at MEAN and the Day of Experimental Film at Saint-Nazaire, November 2018.

We work on a series of Concerts Filmés, with Imediagin’Art (Luc Babin), to be realised in 2018-2019 – see also our post of April 2018 here. Find his artist page here.

Kristof Vrancken (°1982, BE) “explores the forgotten in-between spaces, places that are part of a no man’s land. As a gatherer Vrancken searches subtle remains of human activities, which he captures in his pictures. This reading and interpreting of the landscape results in silent but at the same time intense and astonishing images.”

Especially intriguing is his work in response of the Anthropocene for which he uses the old technique of the Anthotype. This enables him to introduce the landscape he is photographing literally in his photographs by using its vegetation in the photographic emulsion.

Vrancken currently takes part in the group exhibition RING RING! in Hasselt (with fellow BD-artists Sara Bomans and Remco Roes) that runs until 11 November. For this project he created a bike which functions as an hyperobject that has accumulated all the waste people dumped in and around Hasselt in the past months.

His project mijnKOOL can still be visited in Z33 – House for Contemporary Art in Hasselt within the context of the conference Politics of Design: Part 1. In this selection of Anthotype photographs he uses red cabbage (‘rode kool’) for the emulsion and alludes to the former coal (‘kool’) mining industry of Genk in Belgian Limburg.

Upcoming are his presentation of his work with algae at LUMA Arles and in South Korea during the exhibition Nature by Design with the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

We recently translated several texts on his research work and hope to collaborate with him in the context of the project Intermission.

Find his artist page here.

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