Jérôme JOY

Jérôme Joy is a French composer born in Nantes (1961) who has been active on the international experimental music scène (electronic, imporovised, instrumental and networked) since the beginning of the eighties.

He studied at the Conservatory of Bordeaux (instrumental and electro-acoustic composition classes) and followed master classes by Luis de Pablo, François Rossé, Etienne Rolin, François Bayle and Ivo Malec. Since the beginning of the ’80s his work is based on the exploration of the intensity, duration and power of sound as well as the structure and disintegration of music.

His work is radically dedicated to all forms of music (performances, concerts, narratives, partitions, video’s etc,; instrumental, electronic and experimental), exploring the 90% of sensation, emotion and perception of sound and music that we are not yet used to. He further enjoys collaborating with other musicians, artists and filmmakers as he feels that making and discovering together is essential in art.

As an artist-teacher he works at several Écoles Nationales Supérieures d’Art (Bourges, Nice Villa Arson). His artistic research is focussed on “Net Auditoria – Extended Music for Extended Spaces: Music and Environmental Aesthetics” (PhD-research at the University Laval, Québec, Locus Sonus). He has been a visiting artist at the SAIC School of the Art Institute Chicago from 2001 to 2005, and, in 2012, he was on a research residency at UQÀM in Montreal. Member of The Thing (NYC), Avatar (Qc).

Since 1982 he took part in performances, concerts, exphibitions, residences, international conferences in France, USA, Japan, Egypt, Canada, Hong-Kong, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, etc. His work is represented in the collections of FRAC and private collections. His records are distributed by Metamkine, Tiramizu, 23Five/SFMOMA USA, Fibrr Records and Ohm Avatar CA. Publications: LOGS at éditions è®e; Locus Sonus at éditions Le Mot et le Reste ; in preparation a book with éditions Les Hauts-Fonds. His articles are published in several artistic, scientific and university publication in both English and French.

He is the co-founder of Projet Neuf (Saint-Nazaire, 2017).

– Aquarius, film-music performance with Elvira Martinez-Sanchez,
MEAN and Journée du Cinéma Expérimental, Saint-Nazaire, November 2018.
– Serie of Concerts Filmés, with Imediagin’Art (Luc Babin) and Bureau Doove, 2018-2019.
– nocinema.org, installation and performance, Festival Art Souterrain, Montréal, February-March 2019.
– concert QWAT ?, Festival Variations, Nantes, April 2019.
– Architectones, electronical music for nine locations, Saint-Nazaire, 2019.
– finalisation of the book Auditorium [consisting of three parts: 1. Nocinéma (Story of
Michael), 2. Studio (Story of Miguel), 3. Mars – Ecco Ecco Ecco Ecco (Story of Manuel)], publication 2019-2020.

2018/10 — David Ryan & Jerome Joy, 2018 Research report : Maze, Irish
parts (2015-2016) (art research grant by National Centre for Fine
Arts, CNAP Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Paris), http://

2018/09/16 — NEM EXPERIENCE, by NEM / Nouvel Endroit Musical/ (New
Musical Location) (Sarah Clénet, Jérôme Joy, Bruno Lemaitre, Sylvie
Noël), Projet Neuf — one-day installation of 20 electric guitars in
feedback and 1h-performance by NEM (Arts bursary by the Ville de
Saint-Nazaire, 2018) – http://projetneuf.cc/

2018/09/15 — Rouages #3, electro-acoustic work on a text by and with the voice of Jean-Pierre Suaudeau — part of Rouages with Sarah Clénet and Sylvie Noël — broadcasted through eight loudspeakers on the site of the Forges de Trignac — Commission by Belle Industrielle for the European Heritage Days 2018

2018/08/15 — Les Essais de Caroline (2005) (Commande de SilenceRadio, Brussels) — broadcasted during the 2nd Nuit de la Fiction Sonore et Radiophonique (Phonurgia Nova et Syntone) — Jardin des Arts de l’Espace Van Gogh, Arles – http://phonurgia.fr/

2018/06/30 – 2018/09/30 — Collective JukeBox, v. 4.04d (archives 1996-2004) (Collection FRAC PACA Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur), 1487 sound works by 557 international artists — a project organised by Jérôme Joy and the association ICI (Nice), presented at L’Atelier
Expérimental, Villa Les Vallières, Clans (Alpes Maritimes)

2018/02/03 — Projection of the pilot Concert Filmé, Noisense #2 (Mélodiotiosities) by the instrumental and experimental quartet QWAT? (Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Matéo Guyon, Jérôme Joy, Bruno Lemaitre) in the Forges de Trignac — Une Journée Sonore (by Christian Vialard / Tiramizu), Semaine du Son 2018, Médiathèque-Cinémas La Strada,
Mouans-Sartoux (Alpes-Maritimes)

2018/02/02 — Invited artist at the international conference INTERMUSIC, Conservatorio di Milano — International conference on Distance Learning in Music HEIs (EU prg: Milan, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Brussels) — talk – http://www.intermusicproject.eu/

2017/11/30 — Concert by the trio SNPLIMCNEPUP (Sarah Clénet, Christophe Havard, Jérôme Joy), Instants Fertiles 5, Saint-Nazaire

2017/11/29 — Concert by the instrumental and experimental quartet QWAT? (Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Matéo Guyon, Jérôme Joy, Bruno Lemaitre) — “Seasons” (1970) by Tōru Takemitsu, and 2018 creation of “Close Constellations and a Drum on the Ground” (2010-2018) by Michael Pisaro (for crotales, electric guitars, percussion and electronic devices) — Salle Carmen, Théâtre Athénor, Instants Fertiles 5, Saint-Nazaire – http://jeromejoy.org/QWAT/

2017/11/27 — Concert by the instrumental and experimental quartet QWAT?
(Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Matéo Guyon, Jérôme Joy, Bruno Lemaitre) —
Noisense #2 Melodiotiosities pour 4 tam-tams (2014-2018), by Jérôme Joy — Lycée Expérimental, Instants Fertiles 5, Saint-Nazaire

2017/10 — Article nocinema_by_moulon_2018 on nocinema.org : in Dominique Moulon, L’Art Au-Delà du Digital, Encyclopédie de l’Art Numérique, Nouvelles Éditions Scala
(2018), pp.81-82

2017/09 — Music scores Fanfare #1, #2, #3, group exhibition Walking from Scores, curated by Elena Biserna, Serre dei Giardini Margherita (Public garden), Bologna

2017/06 — Concert by the trio SNPLIMCNEPUP (Sarah Clénet, Christophe Havard,
Jérôme Joy), Projet Neuf and La Tête La Première

2017/06/22 — Performance with Soizic Lebrat, cello and broadcasted on
JetFM (2 July 2017), La Fabrique de musique #52, Session recorded 22 June 2017 in the studio of Jetfm by Lucas Pizzini

2017/03/01 – 2017/09/30 — Collective JukeBox, v. 4.04c (archives 1996-2004) (Collection FRAC PACA Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur), 1487sound works by 557 international artists — a project organised by Jérôme Joy and the association ICI (Nice), presented by Le Conservatoire de Musique de Toulon in collaboration with l’École Supérieure d’art et de design TPM.

2017/04 — First pilot of Concerts Filmés : Noisense #2 Melodiotiosities for 4 drums by the instrucmental and experimental quartet QWAT?, in the Forges de Trignac — filmed by Imediagin’art (Luc Babin)

2017/02 — Improvised performance by Ecco Ecco Ecco Ecco (Keith Rowe, Christophe Havard, Jérôme Joy, Anthony Taillard / Jean-Christophe Feldhandler), at the closing of the exhibition Nothing at All (David Ryan, Jérôme Joy) at Musée des Beaux-Arts de Brest (in coproduction with Palais de Tokyo, Paris)

2016/11/27 — Improvised concert by the trio SNPLIMCNEPUP (Sarah Clénet,
Christophe Havard, Jérôme Joy) — Home concert, Instants Fertiles #4, Saint-Nazaire

2016/11/26 — Recreation of Pendulum Music (1968) by Steve Reich (performors : Sarah Clénet, Sylvie Noël, Christophe Havard, Fabrice Arnaud-Crémon, Jérôme Joy) — event Steve Reich Project, VIP, CRD, Saint-Nazaire

2016/11/24 — Improvised concert  — Super-duper morning event at Les Palmiers, Instants Fertiles #4, Saint-Nazaire

2016/11/24 —Improvised concert (Sylvie Noël, Bruno Lemaitre, Matéo
Guyon, Jérôme Joy) — Home concert, Instants Fertiles #4, Saint-Nazaire

2016/11 – 2017/02 — Solo exhibition Nothing at All (David Ryan, Jérôme Joy), Musée des Beaux-Arts de Brest (in coproduction with Palais de Tokyo, Paris)

2016/09/10 — Improvised6 hour-performance by Ecco Ecco Ecco Ecco (Keith Rowe, Christophe Havard, Jérôme Joy, Anthony Taillard), for the end of the exhibition Nothing at All (David Ryan, Jérôme Joy) at Palais de Tokyo, Paris)

2016/06/30 — Percussionnist for the performance FloodTide by John Eacott — Conservatoires de Saint-Nazaire, Guérande, Saint-Brévin, etc.,
Place Bougainville, on the seaside, Saint-Brévin

2016/06/23 – 2016/09/11 — Monographic exhibition Nothing at All (David Ryan, Jérôme Joy), Season Happy Sapiens (with Michel Houellebecq, Mika Rottenberg, Marguerite Humeau, David Ryan & Jérôme Joy, Ayoung Kim, Dineo Seshee Bopape) Palais de Tokyo, Paris (several works created and produced: ALAP electronic music for 9 hours for a dimly lit space (collaboration with the architect Philippe Barré); Les Silences Colorés for electronic noise; Le Récit de Michael, recorded lecture of 6 hours with the voice of Clémence Cortella; Le Récit de Michael, typescript story; etc.)

Former events :

QWAT ? — 11/2015 — Saint-Nazaire – credits Eric Sneed
MINE MINE MINE – 02/2012 – Montréal – credits André Éric Letourneau
(with Magali Babin, Alex Saint-Onge)
NEM EXPERIENCE – 09/2018 – Saint-Nazaire – credits Christophe Bouvier
NOCINEMA.ORG — 03/2016 — on-line — credits nocinema
LE RECIT DE MICHAEL (NOTHING AT ALL) – 06/2016 – credits Palais de Tokyo
COLLECTIVE JUKEBOX – 04/2017 – Toulon – credits Conservatoire de musique
de Toulon / FRAC PACA


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