Des Concerts Filmés by Jérôme Joy

Very excited to be working on the coordination of the project ‘Concerts Filmés’ (Filmed Concerts) by Jérôme Joy.

Joy is a composer who has been active on the international scene of experimental music (electronic, improvised, instrumental and networked) since the beginning of the 1980s. For this project Joy selects locations in and around Saint-Nazaire that normally are improbable or unlikely to be used for music but that are chosen for their specific acoustics for which he creates new compositions.

The concerts are performed without an audience but are filmed to give access to locations that would otherwise be unaccessible and unknown.This gives a new perspective on our daily surroundings and demonstrates that “places are instruments as well.”

A pilot version was created in april-may 2017. The percussion quartet Qwat? (Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Matéo Guyon, Jérôme Joy, Bruno Lemaître) played Noisense #2 for 4 tam-tams, a work by Jérôme Joy, in the Forges de Trignac. You can see the filmed version here.

To be continued.



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