More of/Plus de Bomans, Roes, but also/et aussi Blow

We continue busy September with more exhibitions and performances by Remco Roes and Sara Bomans, but also Mike Blow. And a modest attempt to go bilingual (and often multilingual).

Nous continuons en septembre avec d’autres expositions et performances de Remco Roes et Sara Bomans, mais aussi de Mike Blow. Et dans une tentative modeste de devenir bilingue (et souvent multilingues), en tout cas pour l’instant pour l’introduction et les titres intermediaires.

Roes and/et Bomans in/dans RING RING!

  • Remco Roes, but also Sara Bomans, take part in the group event RING RING! The car-free Sunday 16 September is the starting point for a playful event with 40 installations related to bicycles and cycles organised by the designers collective ‘Het LABO’. They are placed along the so-called Green Boulevard of Hasselt in Belgium.

For Roes this is also the start for his project for smartlab, called ACT VIII. After studying architecture (Eindhoven, NL) and transmedia (Brussels, B),  Roes wrote his PhdD on “Traversing the interior landscape: five dialogues in existential space”. Roes works and thinks in “excercises”, assembling and representing collected objects in installations or staging them within specific spaces.

For ACT VIII he asked the other artists participating in RING RING! to save the bicycle parts they didn’t use and make them available for his ACT VIII: EXC204/R70.  All arranged nicely on the floor of the gallery of smartlab they reach out to find their place into an autonomous configuration, to a choreography on the platform floating on another level in the smartlab space… ACT VIII will continue as a work in progress as long as it RING RINGs.

From 15 October till 11 November at the Green Boulevard of Hasselt and in smartlab

For info in Dutch and English visit RING RING! and smartlab

Mike Blow in/dans Fort Process and/et The Space Centre

  • Mike Blow will show three pieces at Fort Process, a one day sound art and music event on 22 September that utilises the extraordinary resonant spaces of Newhaven Fort.

This third edition of the festival will feature performances, installations, talks, workshops and live art, and is part of an extended season that runs from July to October with events at De La Warr Pavilion, Cafe Oto and Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts.

Blow shows Arpeggi, Aeolus’ Cabinet and the Peace Music Project, an experimental interactive installation that uses hacked ex-military hardware to create music.

For more info in English visit Fort Process

  • On 6 October Blow will take part in the Space Lates, a programme celebrating 50 years since Apollo 7, at the National Space Center in Leicester with an improvised performance using sounds from the Apollo mission.

For more info in English visit Space Lates

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