Jimena Kato – An Awkward Understanding of the Bodily Mechanics

If dancing is about walking, and walking is about swinging the body weight, sculpture makes part of these games of balance. Jimena Kato states that these physical notions are the main directional traits of her work: I use matter and its weight as a principal foundation for my pieces. Accept their constitution, their movement, their own dynamics, to work with them instead of trying to controle them. The making of a sculpture becomes also a “laisser faire” game. This Friday 22 March from 7 – 9 pm her solo exhibition opens at… Read More

Jimena Kato at Artista X Artista Residency in Cuba

Jimena Kato is currently taking part in the Artista X Artista residency in Havana, Cuba, organised in collaboration with program El Ranchito of Matadero in Madrid. She shares the residency with Tamara Arroyo. In the exhibition that opened the residency Jimena Kato “presents a work whose central core evolves around the performative possibilities of the sculptural and pictorial languages. Each exploration on matter is defined by the steps, processes, footprints and gestures developed in a concrete time and space. Time and movement become part of the piece itself.” Artista X Artista Calle 6 Nº…. Read More

Jimena Kato in Poznan and Madrid

Jimena Kato is currently exhibiting inboth Poznan and Madrid. For the exhibition D / I / S / R / U / P / T at the Rodríguez Gallery in Poznan, curated by Marlon de Azambuja, she developed M/M (Maquette/Module) 2017 with pine wood laths, acrylic paint and watercolour in variable dimensions. These modules were fabricated using the scales of her hand (palm width, finger length), the shape is given by using these lengths and angles and color rhythms to obtain a closed shape, an attempt to create a sort of alphabet of its own. Following this… Read More

Jimena Kato in Backstage

Jimena Kato is taking part in Backstage, a weekend of open studio’s in Madrid. Open Friday 24 and Saturday 25 February 2017 from 17-21pm San Marcelo 8, semi-basement at the corner 28017 Madrid Metro El Carmen / La Elipa More info (in Spanish) here