Jimena Kato at Artista X Artista Residency in Cuba

Jimena Kato is currently taking part in the Artista X Artista residency in Havana, Cuba, organised in collaboration with program El Ranchito of Matadero in Madrid. She shares the residency with Tamara Arroyo. In the exhibition that opened the residency Jimena Kato “presents a work whose central core evolves around the performative possibilities of the sculptural and pictorial languages. Each exploration on matter is defined by the steps, processes, footprints and gestures developed in a concrete time and space. Time and movement become part of the piece itself.”

Artista X Artista
Calle 6 Nº. 702 e/ 7ma y 9na, Apto. 3, Miramar
La Habana, Cuba.
t: +537 8325952

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