Jimena Kato in Poznan and Madrid

Jimena Kato is currently exhibiting inboth Poznan and Madrid.

For the exhibition D / I / S / R / U / P / T at the Rodríguez Gallery in Poznan, curated by Marlon de Azambuja, she developed M/M (Maquette/Module) 2017 with pine wood laths, acrylic paint and watercolour in variable dimensions.

These modules were fabricated using the scales of her hand (palm width, finger length), the shape is given by using these lengths and angles and color rhythms to obtain a closed shape, an attempt to create a sort of alphabet of its own. Following this operation, the different variations and position of these pieces and their different combinations attempt to become a sort of visual vocabulary.

The order, position and combination of each M/M is interchangeable and can be modified any time. These modules operate as links, as a part of a larger structure but they can work as a single element as well.

The exhibition runs until 8th June 2017

Rodríguez Galleryul.Wodna 13/4, 61-782 Poznań, Poland – Tue – Fri: 12-19; Sat: 12-17


For the exhibition To Come To at Alimentacion30 in Madrid she developed the installation / drawing with pigment on glass “Strokes and traces are matters of the word – A drawing like a babbling, a thought, a rumination.”

This series of drawings are made directly with her hands, referring to their tracks as our first instruments of communication in time. The work is inspired by the documentary film “Le Moindre Geste” (The Minimal Gesture) by Fernand Deligny, which shows the coexistence, habitudes and interactions of a group of autistic children and adolescents in a town in France. Deligny focuses on their daily paths through the field and the way autistics communicate, using drawing for this purpose. Although the window of interaction with them is small, Deligny makes us discover a reading of the universe these minimal gestures unfold.

Like in the prehistoric cave of the hands, using the hand as a stencil to create a negative, in these drawings Kato uses her hands to remove pigment. It is the void that in contrast to matter will create shapes / phrases playing with light, color and transparencies.

Alimentacion30 is situated at 30, calle Dr Fourquet in Madrid. The installation can be seen until 24th May 2017.



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