Pop-up exhibition Hester Doove

Hester Doove exhibits a selection of her photographic work in a pop-up exhibition on Sunday 20 September and Saturday 26 September from 11am-4pm at Zaanhof 62, Amsterdam. Open by appointment from 21-25 September, phone +31 (0)655307030.

Hester DOOVE at POST E.O.

Sabrina Starke, 2012 About 25 years ago Hester DOOVE was the third in line to work as an assistant of photographer Erwin OLAF. The group exhibition POST E.O. shows the current work of eight former assistants of OLAF who all developed a career as photographer, film maker or artist. Hester DOOVE specialised in portraits and shows a range of works covering her early portraits of musical legends like Barry White and Jon Spencer as well as more recent portraits and self-directed work. POST E.O. opens 5 July at 3:00pm in Fort 1881, Stationsweg 80-82, 3151… Read More