AnneMarie Maes and Hantu in Portugal

AnneMarie Maes is taking part in the exhibition For a Brave New Brussels. Lab01 Artistic vs Technocentric approaches on Smart Cities which officially opens tonight at the MAAT Museum in Lisbon.

Featuring 9 installations and 2 in situ creations by artists who live and work in Brussels, the show is organised on the occasion of the visit of their Majesties the King and Queen of Belgium to Portugal.  The works on show each invite the spectator to think critically about the future role of artists in contemporary cities and the potential for a dialogue between the arts and industry.

The main theme of the projects on display is the concept of smart cities. Contemporary cities are magnets that attract growing numbers of people, resources, ideas, opportunities and knowledge. Today, 50% of the world’s population lives in global areas. By 2050, this percentage will have increased to 70%. While the application of new digital technologies in urban spaces has been celebrated for its ability to increase citizens’ well-being, various experiments around the world have revealed how we forget to examine the impact, on various levels, of this digital development in the cities of the future, including on the psychological, ethical, philosophical, social and political level.

For a Brave New Brussels engages in a social-political discourse that involves citizens and various interest groups on the following question, namely what constitutes a desirable smart city in an era of technological revolution?

With the participation  of: Younes Baba-Ali – Christoph De Boeck – Jan De Cock – Pierre-Jean Giloux – LAb[au] – Julien Maire – Annemarie Maes – Joanie Lemercier – Beat Streuli – Maarten Vanden Eynde – Frederik De Wilde.

AnneMarie Maes wil be showing her installation Umwelt of the Forager, an artistic research on Symbiotic Habitats and Green Corridors in cities.

Monday 22 October
11 am | Opening of the exhibition
5:30 pm | Official opening
7 p.m. | Opening performance ‘Daisy Chain’ by Julien Maire

Monday 23 October
3 – 5 pm | LAB 011 : Conference & Debate

BOZAR (Brussels, BE), GLUON (Brussels, BE), Stéphanie Pécourt (BE)
Curated by: 
Christophe De Jaeger, Stéphanie Pécourt
With the support of: 
The Government of the Brussels Capital Region, MAAT, The Joint Research Centre

The show is only open until 26 October, daily from 11am-7pm
More info here

Hantu in Coimbra and Paris

Hantu (Weber+Delsaux) will be performing in Coimbra and Paris this Friday.

In Coimbra, Portugal at 9am they will be performing Elle : Végétale during the international symposium SATHE (Study and Advancement of Teaching in Higher Education).

Later that day they will participate in the performance Arboretum – a participative networked performance for humans and plants, which takes place during the first conference of EASTAP (European Association for the Study of Theatre and Performance).

Other participants: Simona Polvani and Sylvie Roques (leading the performance) as well as Barbara Portailler, Constance Vidal-Naquet, Abelle Halo, Bordel Pavelski, Didier Durgueil, Jeanne Spaeter, Etcha Dvornik, Manon Burg, Arvi, Mathilde Chadeau, Laura Gourmon, Yu-nan Liu, Violette Villard, Javad Homayounfar, Jeanne Laurent, Rodrigo Ramis, Max Kaario, Stella Goldschmit.

Friday 26 October, 9-10am
Elle : Végétale at The Living Poets club (Clube dos Poetas Vivos)
Amphitheater Esmeralda Pereira Coelho, Coimbra

Friday 26 October, 5pm
Arboretum at the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
17 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris

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