Archive – (They Say This Is The) Place, Antwerp, 2001

From 15 September to 2 December 2001, during equally disturbing times as we are experiencing right now, I organized the group exhibition (They Say This Is The) Place – A positioning in two locations in Antwerp: the Koningin Fabiolazaal (Queen Fabiola Hall) and the nearby, newly renovated Sint Jansplein (Saint Johns Square). The first part of the title referred to a work by Peter Hulsmans, while the subtitle (‘plaatsbepaling’ in Dutch) and the concept played with all kinds of connotations of ‘place’ which in Dutch can also refer to a square (plaats, plein). Other artists besides Hulsmans were Cel Crabeels, Anne Daems, Manon De Boer, Jan Kempenaers, Marie-France & Patricia Martin, Els Opsomer, Lucy + Jorge Orta, and Ilona Ruegg,.

Please note that this post is currently under construction. A detailed description of the artist’s contributions and a translation of the catalogue text will be added soon.

Cel Crabeels, Outplacement, 2001

video information

Anne Daems, Without title, 2000

Manon De Boer, Shift of Attention, 1999

Peter Hulsmans, Parallel Circuit, 2000-2001

Jan Kempenaers, Antwerp #1, #2, #3, 2001

Marie-France & Patricia Martin, An Unmade Sculpture, 2001

Performance around Dan Graham’s pavilion on the Sint Jans Square which is nowadays moved to the Middelheim Sculpture Museum.

Article Véronique Depiesse, Transcender, disent ces magiciennes

Els Opsomer, in-between shifting, 2001

Lucy + Jorge Orta organized 70 X 7 THE MEAL ACT XI, accompanied by a specially designed and produced Limoges plate.

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