Arboretum: Hantu in Vivant végétal

Under the title Arboretum Hantu(weber+delsaux) is organising a collective performance in collaboration with Simona Polvani with 40 performers) as part of the exhibition Vivant végétal in the park surrounding the Maison d’Agglomération in Montgeron, France. The event is organised by the community of municipalities Val d’Hyerres and Val de Seine and the Institut Acte de l’Université de Paris 1.

In Arboretum – gardens in movement, Hantu will move between acacia shoots, considered invasive but presenting many qualities (notably environmental), and flax sprouts, from which we feed, from which we can treat ourselves and even dress ourselves… The performers will be of all ages, from high school students to pensioners, and from all walks of life: members of the metalworkers’ collective, art students, pensioners, professional dancers and performers.

The performance takes place on Thursday 20 May from 6pm to 7.30pm.

The exhibition can be visited everyday for free until 20 June at the park of the Maison d’Agglomération, 2 bis avenue de la République in Montgeron.

*In other news you can now find the full translation of the recent interview with Pascale Weber by Gabrielle Carron in the online magazine TK-21 here.

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