Prelude: Melancholy of the Future

Antony Hudek, the new director of MDD – Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, invited me some months ago to write a text about my time as the first director (1999-2004). This resulted in a really nice series of conversations and a massive trip back down memory lane. And a nice book that accompanies the exhibition Prelude: Melancholy of the Future with texts by Oscar van den Boogaard, Sibran Sampers, Lieve D’hondt, Frank Benijts and me (in Dutch and English).

As part of this project I will also take part in the Prelude Talks on Saturday 28 november at 11am having a conversation with Frank Benijts and Jan(us) Boudewijns to which I look very much forward (in Dutch).

The book is for sale via the MDD webshop here.

You can register for the Prelude Talks (with Oscar van den Boogaard on Saturday 21 november at 10 am, and Chris Dercon on Saturday 5 december at 11am) here.

You can also follow the talks via MDD’s Facebook Live – here.



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